"What Do I Say To That?" Handling the Author Interview

Whether an author loves or dreads them, whether you consider them the best part of the job or the worst part, the fact of the matter is that author interviews are part of the job. And it’s important to make the most of every opportunity. Today I was interviewed for The Examiner which boasts 20 million readers a month. Definitely an opportunity I didn’t want to blow. So what’s the most important thing to say at a moment like this? No matter how much we want to shout, "Buy my book!...more

Medieval Women Writers

I had long wanted to tell the stories of the medieval women writers Julian of Norwich, first woman to write a book in English, and Margery Kempe who wrote the first autobiography in English although she was illiterate. I finally got my chance in A DARKLY HIDDEN TRUTH, The Monastery Murders 2....more