Erin Newkirk Is Changing How We Communicate

Erin Newkirk is the Co-Founder and CEO of Red Stamp, a company on a mission to make relationships stronger. Always a fan of making people feel good, she believes modern etiquette isn’t about fancy stationery and using the right fork, but kindness and authenticity. ...more

Marci Harris is Changing How We Talk to Congress

There are people who talk about change and then there’s Marci Harris. In 2010, after years as a Congressional staffer, Marci founded POPVOX, social platform that “bridges the gap between the input the public wants to provide and the information members of Congress want and need to receive.” I caught up with Marci recently (on the go, of course!) and she gave me the lowdown on the daily business of, oh, ensuring Democracy and the American way. Q: Tell us about POPVOX. ...more
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Rachel Sklar is Changing the Ratio in Tech

Rachel Sklar is like the tech bestie in my head. We’ve both been Editor-at Large at major media companies (Rachel formerly at Mediaite, I presently at BlogHer). We both entered the tech/new media space from non-technical fields (she was a lawyer, I was an epidemiologist). We both like to talk.. alot (our conversation was over an hour long). ...more
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Kathryn Minshew is Changing How We Lead Our Professional Lives

We can all use a little help when it comes to our career, which is why I was excited to chat with Kathryn Minshew, co-founder and CEO of The Daily Muse. The Daily Muse is a hybrid career platform and job discovery tool serving hundreds of thousands of professional women and men worldwide. It's been featured on CNN, Forbes, INC, Fast Company, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, and PBS. ...more
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Tracey Solomon is Changing How We Buy Our Basic Needs

Tracey Solomon is the co-founder and co-president of, a popular automated delivery service of all of life's messy necessities (pantyhose, razors, tampons, and the like). Formerly a successful business consultant and a brand strategy engagement leader, Solomon made the leap to e-commerce in 2010 with co-founder Katrina Carroll-Foster, and hasn't looked back. ...more
i enjoyed reading this article.and seeing that someone can be successfu from an idea. I agree ...more

Charisse Conanan and Adrissha Wimberly Are Changing How Millennials View Personal Finance

One of the hottest topics this election season is about student loans and student debt. According to the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, student loan debt recently topped 1 trillion (yes, trillion) dollars by the end of this year. And while there's plenty of financial self-help books (Suze Orman's The Money Book for The Young, Fabulous, and Broke comes to mind), few financial tools are targeted to a generation that consumes information in a more tech-centric way. ...more
Here’s a quote to hold on to: Of your life's journey, don't seek permission. This kind of ...more

Amanda Hesser is Changing The Online Food Community

If you were to put Game Changer Amanda Hesser’s life on a timeline, you would notice that food, specifically good food, is a constant presence. From growing up in rural Pennsylvania to a successful career as a food writer for The New York Times (over 750 stories!), food as both subject and object has had a profound impact on Amanda’s life. Photo credit --Sarah Shatz ...more
Great profile! i have been a fan of Amanda's for ages. A few weeks ago she wrote a fantastic ...more

This Mother-Daughter Team is Changing How You Live in "The Cloud"

When most people think about a "cloud," they think of fluffy, white cotton balls floating in the sky. When Jenn Donogh and Kathy Nelson think about a "cloud," they’re thinking about how to manage the large amount of data that powers our businesses (and lives). ...more
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Tereza Nemessanyi is Changing How We Make Decisions

Who do you turn to for advice? Honest advice? Now imagine that person is no longer available. Where then would you turn? Tereza Nemessanyi was faced with this very dilemma when her trusted confidante, her mom, passed away. Not being able to get advice from mom left a gaping hole for the former senior executive (PWC,IBM, Disney,), leading her to take the plunge into the world of startups with Honestly Now, a web-based Q&A platform. ...more
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Patricia Handschiegel is Changing The Face of Online Entrepreneurship

Before Polyvore allowed you to create magazine style collages, before Fashism allowed you to get sartorial advice from your friends, and before style bloggers even knew how to use a camera, there was Patricia Handschiegel and ...more