Women, Let's Stand Together, but Not in Five Inch Heels

Okay they make clever cute shoes these days, but come on, Ginger Rodgers danced with Fred Astaire in 3 inch heels (maybe less) and looked elegant and sexy. We went to our high school Prom in 3 inch heels and danced the night away, but still ended up in sock feet, and our dates didn’t care.I have been astounded at the shoes I see and the women who walk in them. Even women who can handle walking on their toes, walk pitched forward in 5 inch heels, and to me, that doesn’t look graceful....more

Hats Off to the Powerful and Remarkable Women in Our Lives

This week, I couldn't stop thinking about them. Among "them" was not THE woman in my life who guided me, took care of me, shaped me. That was my grandmother and like most grandmothers of women in their forties, they're no longer a phone call away....more
It's a long list. You're on it. 'nuff said.more