My First Dildo

I was quite the tomboy growing up – who am I kidding? My shoes vary between Crocs, Birkenstocks and Blunstones – I’m still a tomboy. This was partially due to the fact that Manolo Blahniks don’t exactly come in triple wide; but that’s OK because I have always preferred comfort first and foremost. I was an uber athelete – almost every sport came naturally to me, except for maybe running, but I even did that too. Some may have found it surprising, since I didn’t exactly have the body of your typical athlete, but there I was, kicking ass in everything I played....more

Yep, it totally ruined it for me ;)
It took me a year before I decided to bring out the biggie. ...more

VOICE ACTIVATED BUNNY VIBRATOR.....Sex Toys That Listen When You Speak!

Since its introduction to the masses by way of Sex in the City, the Rabbit Vibrator, with that oh-so-delightful-clit-vibe, has quickly evolved into a ‘must have’ nightstand item, secretly nestled among the romance novels, reading glasses, tissue, assorted batteries and other sundries we keep handy.  Its popularity exploded after its prime-time debut to the point that I could almost hear a faint buzz coming from each neighbor’s home while I walked my dog. ...more