Smegma: What Is It?

Being concerned with the health and safety of your genitalia doesn’t end with buying non-toxic toys, toy cleaner, body-safe lubes and using barriers during all sex acts— you also need to be aware ...more
TLCTugger As a mom and safer sex blogger and not a doctor, most of what I write is based upon ...more

THINX Underwear Reduces Stigma About Menstruation

The word "menstruation" evokes various sentiments depending on who's doing the talking and who's doing the listening. For most women, the menstrual cycle consists of back pains, cramps and all-encompassing uncomfortability. Products ranging from tampons to pads try to alleviate the stress & pain that women go through to survive this monthly ordeal. Interestingly, the variety of products and the immeasurable number of them seem endless, from Super Tampons to Pads with Wings....more

Would You Want to be a Homeless Woman with No Tampons?

Can you image what it would be like to be a homeless woman without tampons?...more
I checked into this with a company that manufactures/markets these and they indicate that there ...more

Three Cheers for the Under-Appreciated Sanitary Napkin

Why are today's women better off than they were 20 years ago? One of the many reasons why is sanitary napkins. ...more
After taking to my mom about this as a teenager, I have never underappreciated today's products! ...more

Why Do So Many Women Neglect Their Private Feminine Hygiene?

Sarah Reilly Why do women neglect their intimate areas? Feminine Cleansing products have long been relegated to the bottom of the shelf and are given little value in the world of women's products. This would seen counter-intuitive in a world where women are sold special creams for most other parts of their body, including eye cream, face creams, hand creams, foot creams and neck creams. Did I forget something??? Women even focus more on products for their hair, legs and fingernails. ...more

9 tips about feminine odor you don't want to hear from somebody else

A common myth is that it’s a sign of poor personal hygiene. Here’s the real story. 1. First off, forget the jokes. As women, we’ve been socialized to be embarrassed by our lady parts, and that’s a real shame. I wish we could all go back to 7th grade and slap those teasing boys silly. And their dumb fishy jokes, too. Vaginas have a scent. So what. 2. Don’t douche. Douching can introduce new bacteria into the vagina, as well as increase the spread of bacteria....more

When it comes to tampons and pads, what's health got to do with it?

A lot, it turns out. Here are 9 reasons you (and your daughters, sisters and friends) just may want to change your brand. Tampons and pads are probably the last thing you want to think about, right? Out of sight, out of mind!...more

Dirty Down There: The Selling of "Feminine" Products

By Lu Bailey, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine...more

How To Talk To Your Tween About Periods: A Parent's Guide

Saw your posting and appreciate the advice you offered. I am the Tampax and Always Community ...more

More Information Than You Ever Wanted

Okay, so on the Green front, we're actually doing reasonably well.  We've eliminated plastic grocery bags, dryer sheets, single-serve packaged foods, pancake mix, freezer waffles, pull-ups, liquid stain-remover, and disposable menstrual products from our grocery list.  And I've stopped using bags in the dayhome trash can that needs to be sanitized daily, anyway. Not too shabby....more