My Dissertation on the Evolution of Feminine Protection

 I’m 45 years old.  A lot has happened in 45 years.  Things change…they evolve.  “It has never been a better time to be a woman” was a title in a magazine I read not too long ago.  “Women have more opportunities and choices now than they ever had!”  That appears to be true….in the feminine protection isle of the supermarket....more

Getting the Word Out

The news out of the Middle East seems to get more astounding every day.  A lot of it is very upsetting but much of it is very encouraging.  Certainly the brutal attack on reporter Lara Logan in Tahrir Square on the day of Mubarak’s resignation, the beating of ABC News reporter, Miguel Marquez, in Bahrain and the numbers of civilians hurt and killed during all of the protesting are upsetting and may make us wan...more