Why Being One of the Boys is Not Better Than Being Girly

Let's start with a story, shall we? Growing up, I went from being girly to being one of the boys. The whole way, I always kind of felt like I was uncool and the outsider. I didn't really fit in with the girls, but I didn't fit in with the guys either.  ...more

Why Your Eye (I) is the Only Beauty Beholder That Matters

"Funny is sexy, and Jennifer Aniston is funny!," writes editors for "Men's Health" magazine who just donned Ms. Aniston THE sexiest woman of all time. By this logic, my partner's 87-year-old grandmother is a giggly, witty sexy beast in those beige orthopedics and wispy silver hair....more
@victorias_view I agree-- this has been one of my pet topics for so long, but so little has ...more

Playing with Poetry


Will Handbags Unite Women on the Left and the Right?

Over the past few months, I've had a number of conversations with women on the left about how right and left-wing women can work together....more

I Didn't Look Like Me: Where Does Feminine Come From?

And the part that caused me to literally choke up? I didn't look the least bit feminine. I didn't look like me. Or at least the image of me that I had of me in my head. The one that I thought that the world was seeing. I think I thought the world was seeing some sort of Earth Mother type. Amazon Woman type. Round and red. But seeing the image of me through the lens of a stranger proved otherwise. ...more
I know this is an old article, but I just found it today.  This has happened to me, more times ...more

My definition of Beauty

     As a mature , self aware man a woman is truly beautiful when she has a depth of life experience which has allowed her to become self aware rather than self-conscious and to embody her inner femininity , grace , magnetic and alluring sensuality naturally . She is warm , generous , kind ,  compassionate , and thoroughly at ease in her own skin . Her weight, height , figure , and age are unimportant . Her depth of heart and soul are very important   ...more

A Life in Wax

The Beginning of the End:Another night alone in my bed. The thought of the way I had you beside me puts a shiver in my head.Some days I am fine, some days I am weak. But not a day goes by when I do not submit to the way you made me feel.Distances have abridged miles between us, emptiness seems to be the only sound that echoes between our two figures. The silence between us still seems so loud to me.How come when I think of you, no matter how cruel you treated me, it never mends my broken heart? The End of the Beginning: ...more

I Resolve NOT To Want To Lose Weight

Cross posted from my JUST CAUSE blog It's that time of year again. Seems like everyone is resolving to lose weight. And some part of me is okay with that, there are probably a lot of people that are unhealthy because of extra weight that is impacting everything from organ function to joint function to their ability to live life as they want to. Those people need to lose weight. ...more

What's wrong with women anyway?

Guys can't figure out women, or at least that's what I hear and read. That's so funny, because we're actually pretty easy-to-understand creatures and we sure know what we're about and what we want— well, at least we know what we're supposed to be about and want. Because everywhere we turn, someone wants to tell us. Welcome to the world of today's woman: — Pilates, yoga, running, triathalons or the gym? You better be doing one, if not all. ...more

... but I wish it weren't true.more