Six Year Old Shouldn't Be Dating Mom

Ok, I know this is going to be inflammatory to some, but it's really bothering me.I've seen my news feed on Facebook flood with links to this article, praising the Mom for having her six-year-old son take her out on dates.He opens doors, pulls out her chair, pays from his allowance, and figures out the tip."Teaching him how to treat a lady." is the idea....more

Why is equality among the sexes shammed?

      As a college student I interact with many people a day and have the chance to make an expression on people with out me even knowing or trying....more

Chivalry - In or Out?

 One of the most in-trend topics is about feminism. Feminism has become a hot topic all over the web. Abundant confusion and anger among the men of today have increased by the term "Feminism." Mixed feelings are on everybody's minds about it. Unlike old times, when women took care of their homes while men worked on the field, today women are actively participating in taking control of their financial aspect....more
Yes definitely! If everybody helps each other out, the world would improve a lot.more

This Is the Time For Women, And We’re In a Fight For Our Lives #WomensLives #OwningIt

“… Two weeks later, my shift was changed to the night shift. That was really hard. Instead of reaching my goals, I was being taught a lesson. And this was a time when I needed to be around for my younger son as much as possible.  My kids had been seventeen and eleven when I started the job—in high school and middle school—and now the younger one was moving towards high school. Image Credit:
Thank you, Deedra.  I agree!  We need to all hear the stories so we understand that these are ...more

The "Psychotic Bitch" Episode

I use the term “episode” lightly as it suggests that giving people the impression I’m a psychotic bitch was just a brief phase.My insecurities mean that to feel good I need someone else’s approval. This has led me to do slightly questionable shit that gives people the impression I’m a psycho, bitch, slut.*Being pinned a psycho and a slut does not sit well with me.Slut: [sluht] ...more

Why do smart women lose confidence?

Gifted girls show exceptional promise, typically surpassing boys on most measures of success. Their language, attention and fine motor skills are often 1 1/2 years ahead when they enter school, and their social maturity and relational skills help them thrive in most academic settings. Confident in their abilities, they excel throughout school, receiving higher grades on average than boys. They are also more likely to graduate from high school, college or graduate school....more

Building on Better - what's the zeitgeist problem for women today?

By Anna Dewar GullyI read somewhere that every generation has a problem (or problems) waiting to be expressed and if you happen to be the one to pin it down and articulate it -- you might just have a social movement on your hands. You see it is the expression of problems -- not solutions -- that spark social movements.Problems are really thousands of question marks, waiting for answers from all of us....more

Jennifer Lawrence's Essay on Lenny

This morning I woke up and checked my email first thing like I always do. In my email was another interesting Lenny newsletter, which I have told you about previously and you can read about here. For those of you not familiar with Lenny, it is an email newsletter started by actress Lena Dunham and Girls writer Jenni Konner....more

I May Miss New York, But I Will Never Miss the Cat-Calling

Though I now live in North Jersey, I put in my time living in Queens and Jersey City (which we considered a borough of Manhattan -- I mean seriously, it is) for seven years. I have also worked/trained/performed in NYC since my dad started taking me to auditions when I was ten. ...more
TheresaMurphyColonno Or to paraphrase "Bob sees a response he doesn't like to a post he made in ...more

My Teenage Daughter Wants To Be A Prostitute And I Fully Support Her Decision

I have a brilliant, beautiful, 19 year old daughter, who recently told me she wants to be a prostitute.At a time in her life when I thought we would be sending out college applications , we are working together on composing sex ads for the erotic services website, Backpage. Yes, you read that correctly. I am not only helping her write sex ads, I am helping her choose which photos of herself to post online....more