Stalking: The Impact It Has On Women

Back in college, I remember this guy I bumped into while getting by books in the school's bookstore. His name was *Mick. Back in the 1990's, wearing jean overalls was the thing. I only mention that because his opening line to me was, “Do you like to garden?” I was taken back by the question, just smiled, and walked away. He approached me again and then said, “I see you like to wear overalls. I like those too.” I looked at him and said, “Great,” and just got my books and left thinking I was never going to see that dude again....more
SweetStephanie7 Stalking isn't a sign of love either & isn't the right of a partner. No ...more

Feminism on Dior’s Runway

At the Dior show, the fashion world made it clear. I personally like it when fashion gives a statement of change. “I believe fashion should not impose itself on the person who wears it, but be used by them as a way to express themselves,” said Maria Grazia Chuiri; Dior’s first female creative director!So what do you expect from the first woman?CHANGE! Because the first ones are always the only ones to break the rules....more

A Letter to My Son About the Election

My son is 13 years old, and the current election will likely be the first one he remembers into adulthood. There are therefore a few things I want to make sure he understands....more

Faith Leaders and Planned Parenthood: Common Sense Compassion

 As I walked into the building last night to attend a Planned Parenthood panel discussion "A Celebration of Faith and Reproductive Health," they were there.They're always there, even though the location is secret until after you buy your ticket. A few protesters waved graphic images of broken babies and held "Planned Parenthood = Murder" signs.A gentleman on a megaphone shouted Scripture at me from the curb.And I wondered, what immense good these protester could do if they took their passion and turned it into our common cause....more

On being called a c--- and a n------ during an election season

Trigger warning:   Hate speechWhat happened to you the morning after the 1st presidential election?  This is my story: Leeann Shaw Youngerfollow me at

Why bind Feminism to your fixed definition?

I am a feminist and extremely proud to be one. I could stand on the terrace of my building and cry out the same for the whole wide world to hear. Because I don’t define feminism the way many people do....more

In Memorium to the Empress of Anti-Women's Rights: Phyllis Schlafly

On Monday conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly a staunch critic of the Equal Rights Amendment, died at the age of 92. You have to applaud this lady's relentless crusade against progress for women.  ...more

Intersectional Feminism: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Have you been hearing the term “intersectional feminism” lately and been like…shit, am I a bad feminist for not knowing what that is?You might be a bad feminist (I don’t know you), but if so it’s not because you don’t know what intersectional feminism is. The name itself is hardly explanatory, and picking up its meaning from the context of various Twitter conversations is not exactly helpful either.Frankly picking up the meaning of anything from the context of various Twitter conversations is not something I recommend....more

Is My Boyfriend Abusive? And Other Questions Feminists Ask in Secret

Hello. First off, if you found this page because you’re trying to find out if your boyfriend is abusive, I recommend talking to a professional or at least reading through a website meant specifically for that purpose. RAINN is fantastic, and they also offer a free chat with a real person (like a help line without having to talk on the phone), and if you prefer the phone, they also have a helpline at 800-656-HOPE....more