How a First Grade Exercise Turned Into a Lesson in Institutional Racism

It was supposed to teach kids the value of money. Instead it taught my son another hard lesson....more

No, Covering Up Is Not the Solution to Body Shaming

Last week I was helping my four-year-old daughter get dressed for school. Maybe helping is a glossy generalization. We were waging war. I’m sure you’re familiar with that inevitable daily battle over whether or not it is appropriate to wear a swimsuit 24/7 or shorts in subzero temperatures. On this particular day, she was suspiciously docile. We’d already shimmied into her typical fashion fodder of anything with a skirt. ...more
AnnieKnox Isn't it frustrating?! I hope this is resolved to a larger extent before my daughter ...more

How to Care LESS What Other People Think - And Be Happier For It!

It took me a lot of practice to be the kind of woman that gives zero f*cks and actively care less about what other people think, because I misunderstood what the ‘give zero f*cks’ mindset is all about. The misconception about women who give zero f*cks is that they have no priorities or passions....more

So many topics, so little time

When you are in the mist of first writing and then publishing your first fiction book, "Untouched," this June,  being nominated for  book of the year, and taking your freelance business to new heights, you need sometime away from writing. There have been so many topics that I would have loved to write about over the past two months, so sitting back and observing has been tough. ...more

Why Women Need to Man Up*!

If I hear one more woman act horrified by what Donald Trump has said about women I am going to lose it…Ladies--toughen up--your great-grandmothers worked freaking hard to get you where you are today. Let's keep going and focus on real issues...Sorry Donald Trump said things about women being fat or hot or the myriad of dumb. Move on. For the sake of your great-grandmother....more

Mom Guilt and My Feminist (?) Son

You know that question “If you could go back what would you do differently?” people have all sorts of regrets and unfulfilled desires that they would go back and take care of. And some people are perfectly fine and say “absolutely nothing” with a genuine smile and satisfaction on their faces....more

Borrow Courage From Your Hero

"We all have our own story. Tell it. Listen to others.  Elicit it from others even, and from within ourselves."Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road...more

Celebrating International Women's Day

Today I'm celebrating International Women's Day. I'm reflecting on the advances we have made in history for women's rights but that also leads me to reflect on the things we still have yet to achieve. That includes the fact that women still don't have equal pay and that the Equal Rights Amendment was never actually ratified. On Mogul today, I shared a story about a woman I know who opened my eyes to her view on the gender pay gap. It was alarming to me and makes me sad everytime I think about our conversation.Here's a short snippet of my post on Mogul:...more

Barbie's Not the Devil (But I Still Don't Like Her)

Barbie's Not the Devil (But I Still Don't Like Her) How can I teach my kids to be kind to each other and to themselves? How can I teach them to be confident, inquisitive, happy children? Children that will gradually grow into young adults and then, unbelievably, adults. As far as body image and beauty are concerned, I tend to focus on my daughter; I understand a woman's point of view and all that it covers....more

On Women's Equality

 This is not intended to be a political post. Of course, feminism has its obvious political impact and I am, as a feminist, grateful for that. In that way, it can move us forward; women and all of humanity....more