Just Because I'm Female

It seems as if every time I turn on the T.V, go into a store,or look at a newspaper I am accosted by gender stereotypes. There are the childrens' toy commercials which never show the fathers. There is the carpet cleaning commercials where the women is fretting over her mother in law coming over, god forbid her carpets are "dirty". There's the Bounty paper towel commercial, featuring the mom cleaning up after her messy kids. & that show, where Mom is constantly nagging her husband, chasing after the kids, cleaning, cooking, & lacking a career....more

I don't recall those types of examples in school but I'm sure they were there.

It's good ...more

Forced Sterilization: Oppressing Latin America’s Womb

The idea of an HIV-positive woman giving birth to a child may bring up issues about health and responsibility. However, the State or government agency should not hold the authority to deprive a woman of her agency and right to make decisions regarding her body. This is exactly what occurred in the case of 36-year-old Julia, a HIV-positive woman who was forcibly sterilized in Chile. ...more

Really informative and sad, thanks for the post more

On Kids' Fashion

The other day, a friend dropped off some 'hand-me-down' clothes.  Intended for my boy, it was Steph who got excited as she saw some of the clothes coming out of the bags. What piqued her interest most were the boys' button-down shirts.  Some were solid colored, cotton-poly blend dress shirts, and some were plaid, and a little more casual....more

Busting Bogus Biology and Beliefs

by Mahin Hassibi  from On The Issues Magazine ...more

Where are the coming of age stories for women?

Where are the female coming of age stories?  Judd Apatow has another movie coming out, and its sure to be funny, and poignant and sucessful.  However, it begs the question, where are the female wunderkind directors who are creating narratives for women?  In literature, I can think of The Member of the Wedding, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Bell Jar.  There aren't many, but they are there. ...more

"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman."

As I was tidying the yard with my husband this afternoon, I was thinking about the wonderful Virginia Wolff quote - "For most of history, Anonymous was a woman" - perhaps because half of the six Pulitzer Prizes for drama and letters, which were announced on Monday, went to women. ...more

What's the value of a woman's life in Iraq?

What's the value of a woman's life in the Iraqi city of Basra? About $100.00, according to an article in the Guardian. ...more

I Have Nothing To Say-a life of a prostitute.

On a hot and sticky evening the summer of 1976, I was meeting up with my prostitute colleagues in our usual spot on the corner of Union Street. We always conferred about clients and related any trouble we had, especially since the Yorkshire Ripper was on the loose. ...more


All people who write usually recommend that would-be writers should "write what you know best." So, in this forum, I decided to talk about what normally stops me from writing--the dreaded notion that it won't amount to anything worthy of publication. I'd be a great mom, I know. Can you imagine saying to your own toddler, "Don't bother crawling, you'll probably never become an olympic athlete"? ...more

I'm with you Gena. There's a reason Kant's name sounds like the opposite of can, yes? Writing ...more

It Just Ain't Nice

  I'm pleased to throw on a guest post from Virginia Rutter, sociology prof at Framingham State College, who is, in my estimation, quite nice. And a sassy writer to boot. Enjoy! -Girl with Pen   ...more