How Gloria Steinem Got Me Thinking About White Feminism

This week, I went to see Gloria Steinem “in conversation with” Cheryl Strayed. I put that phrase in quotes because really it was more like Cheryl Strayed davening at the feet of the icon, as many of us feminists tend to do (deservedly so). At eighty-one years old, Steinem was dressed in that perfectly put together uniform of hers that I still love: seventies-chic in all black, form-fitting turtleneck, wide-legged pants with a silver, low-slung Navajo concho belt resting on her hips. ...more
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How You Choose To Fight Is Important

Social media has been buzzing this week because of a recently released video of “Potty Mouth Princesses”. If you haven’t seen the video it features little girls dressed as princesses saying the “F “word for feminism. At least that is what the title and description of the video says....more

f/16: One Woman's Journey to Bring Life into Focus

f/16 is a memoir. It began as a book about women who are photojournalists but evolved, out of necessity and the encouragement of some incredible people, into a narrative that also includes me. And, so too has the title evolved. f/16 is a setting on a camera's aperture. There's something known as the "sunny f/16 rule" that assists with correct exposure of difficult subjects....more

Why the half time performance bothered me

I follow hundreds of feminist activists on Twitter and was surprised that during last night's SuperBowl half-time show very few of them were as disturbed as I by Beyonce's overly sexy show.  I am a fan of Beyonce and some of this might be generational (I'm 56), but her show felt more like a Victoria's Secret runway than mid-field at the SuperBowl.   ...more

Why I dye my hair (and why I wish I didn't)

Yesterday I stopped at the Division of Motor Vehicles to get my Washington driver’s license switched over to an Alaska one. When I got to the “hair/eyes” portion of the evening’s festivities, I realized that I had to write “blond/green.” My last driver’s license photo was “brown/green.”But that was nine years ago, before hairdressers prevailed upon me to star using lighter and lighter dyes. These covered the gray better, they said, especially since the dyes tended to “lift” (or something like that) prematurely from my type of hair....more

Not enough women in the Academia? A further reason why

Yesterday I attended my first conference-planning meeting at my home institution.When shall Z, a reknowned scholar, speak? Between 6 and 8 pm. A discussion will follow and a dinner will follow the discussion."Why so late?", I asked, given that there is no way I can not be at home at 6 pm on a Tuesday night."So that everyone may attend", was the general answer."Everyone" just means "everyone like us", i.e., a (preferably single) man, with no family duties....more