Is Your Independence Keeping You Single?

Ladies, we can do everything all on our own, but what if the very thing that makes you independent is also the thing that’s keeping you single?A while back, I caught a flat on the way to a lunch date. Always one for punctuality, I decided to drive to the date anyway, which was really close by, and deal with the flat afterwards.“I’m sorry I was late, I had a flat on the way here,” I explained to my date....more

On Defining Feminism

I can't remember the first time I heard the word Feminist - whether it was in a history textbook chapter about women fighting for the right to vote, or whethe...more

I Was Born A Feminist - Weren't You?

I was born a feminist.I know what you’re thinking. No one is born believing anything right from the womb. No one is born with the knowledge of good and evil, equality and inequality, hatred and love. Children are taught these things. Children grow up into adults with convictions and beliefs. Only then can you call yourself any type of label. Only when you reach the age of reasoning (whatever that age may be for me, it probably was around 14 or so) can you decide what you are.Except that I was born a feminist....more
@Denise Me too, Denise!more

SAHM & Feminist: Why so hard to believe?

Talking on the phone with my mother last week, we brought up the subject of finances,  but we tread lighting as not to step on toes (I have privacy issues), she then said, “Why don’t you just get a job?” “Well mom, I just can’t right now.” "Oh, I thought you were a feminist?" she replied, and I could hear her smirk. I know she doesn’t say it to be a pain....more

Helen Gurley Brown: You Made Your Mark and We'll Miss You

 As a kid growing up in rural Minnesota, I remember watching Helen Gurley Brown on "The Tonight Show."  An insomniac, I'd probably tossed and turned for a long time before finally slipping out of bed and padding down the hall to find my mother sitting in our darkened living room.  A poor sleeper herself, mom would be drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette....more

Hello Kitty is as heavy as three apples

I stumbled across a Hello Kitty backpack in Target the other day and was stunned by what I saw. Right next the picture of the beloved cat was a caption that read "I am as heavy as three apples." Since when does anyone care how much Hello Kitty weighs? ...more


 Hear ye, hear ye! In case no one has noticed it yet, this is a feminist blog … kinda sorta.  Oh, hell. It’s a feminist blog. There, I admitted it. Too late to back peddle now! It’s taken me a year to muster up the guts to make that statement—a fact that doesn’t please me too much. But then I really didn’t understand feminism up until now. So how could I lay claim to the title? ...more

How we gain weight …

Ha! You are probably wondering why on earth I would write about gaining weight, while most of us want to lose weight. Well, reverse psychology is my answer. Until we understand how we gain weight, it is hard to lose weight....more
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