Jane of the Jungle ... A Feminist Book?

It occurred to me recently that Jane of the Jungle is a feminist work.One reviewer (who liked the book, BTW) mentioned that it was not believable that Jane would be so expert at so many things, specifically that she would be a hobby pilot, a crack shot with a handgun, and a nurse.If she were a male hero, would anyone have questioned that?...more

I'm Too Sexy (and Premenstrual) for This Shirt: 10 Reasons to Hate the Tampon Halter

Have you seen designer Walter Raes' latest creation? Raes is a one-man Project Runway-style designing-with-everyday-items challenge, and his newest work, Tampon Shirt, is what the Huffington Post calls "a period piece." ...more

what i wouldn't give to have seen walter going through the checkout counter with a dozen boxes ...more

Bring on the Feminist Art!

My friend Hanah is an art historian who lives in Chicago. When she came to New York City this week to attend her brother’s wedding, she made sure that she found time to go to the Brooklyn Museum to see the new feminist art history center and Judy Chicago’s infamous feminist masterpiece, The Dinner Party. ...more

I would have loved to see it. I'll be honest, this kind of plates is not something i like, i ...more