I Am Not Ashamed To Be A Feminist

I am not ashamed to be a feminist. I’m not worried what people on the blogosphere will think of my “audacity” to call out what I see. I’m not going to stop talking about the injustice and equality that women in my generation and the generations following do face and will face. I use my voice to speak out, and I will continue to do so....more

Your Mom Friend Hates You, According to MSN.com

I came across this article from MSN.com today that is an image slideshow of the 10 biggest non-mom faux pas. Already I know I’m going to regret reading this. I’m a childless woman, and I have many, many parent friends. Some I met because I actually looked after their children, and some were my friends before they had children. And many of these “faux-pas” are things that I have never seen any childless woman do....more

War is Menstruation Envy---Gloria Steinem

Do you get scared when you hear the word, Feminist? What do you picture? Do you picture a bunch of butch dike biker chicks with chainsaws ready to chop off the next dick that pisses them off? That’s a tad harsh, don’t you think? Do you know that every word in the English language that has been used to solely denote women as been demonized. Harlot, Whore etc. used to just mean woman. Feminist is the new demonized word. ...more