Feministe Named One Of The 100 Best Sites For Women + More!

Forbes named Feministe as one of the 100 best sites for women. ...more
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Where are the calls for increased regulations of abortion clinics?

Nancy Pelosi and other prominent pro-choice women have frequently said that they want abortion to be safe, legal and rare. While this argument is generally made against the backdrop of coat hanger allusions, what happens when legal abortions produce the unsafe, illegal and frequent atrocities, that happened in Philadelphia?...more

This was very informative. Somehow I had no idea this was going on. I agree with your point of ...more

Snowmen (and snowwomen) are round and lovable.

They don't need the Special K challenge. So step off, kid. ...more

Canadians and Mondays

(Reference at 4:53.) In case the video goes away, Russell Peters informs the Def Comedy Jam audience that some white guy (and his friends) in Boston calls black people "Mondays." Why? "'Cause nobody likes Mondays." Which leads me to this article from Feministe: But some of my best friends are Canadian!, by Jill. ...more

Things I liked this week

Jokes that objectify women, by Matsu at mediagirl. ...more