How to Be a Housewife and a Feminist at the Same Time

I am a housewife. Well, I have a set of four-year-old twins, so, technically, that makes me a stay-at-home mom. And I do a lot freelance for pennies from my comfy orange couch in the living room, which I suppose makes me a work-at-home mom. I also go to grad school, so I guess I, instead, could define myself as a student. A studentlike, work-while-staying-at-home mom who cooks and cleans....more
I love this. I don't struggle with being home at all. I love it way more than I ever loved my ...more

How to Unmask an MRA in Ten Easy Steps

In this new online world where voices of marginalized groups finally get somewhat of a chance to make themselves heard, the viewpoints that go against the dominant ideology challenge and make uncomfortable those sitting in a place of privilege. And oftentimes turn them into right assholes...or rather unveil them for what they really are....more

Living The Dream (Like A Man)

I must confess that I am wrestling with a certain angst. The word "feminist" has gotten me down.   It has been my good fortune to know a life of limitless possibilities. Save for the time I was booted from a baseball game for being a girl, any gender bias that came my way was not very obvious.  And okay, I admit it -- I was a terrible ball player.   Today, my life would fit a traditional mold of male success....more

Down Is Up

              The feminists look at me and the lifestyle I have chosen in my new motherhood, a choice to stay at home and nurse and attachment-parent my child, as a regression, a relapse into an old way of thinking about women solely as mothers and housewives.  But, if I may say so, this time around there is something different about it.  This time around women are coming to this choice with a new consciousness, a sense of alternatives....more

The Deafening Silence of Feminists on Nikki Haley

Imagine that a woman is running for office. She's a pro-abortion Democrat and is leading in the polls. Two weeks before a contentious primary, a political blogger claims to have conducted an affair with the candidate....more

Ada Lovelace Day: Some of My Best Friends are Unicorns

For last year's Ada Lovelace Day, I wrote about a lot of women who are developers and programmers and geeks who inspire me. They still do. This year, I'm lucky enough to be able to add many more to the list: women who love to concentrate deeply, who learn new things all the time, and who make things with code or hardware; who clearly approach life by diving right into it; women who share my passion for free and open source software and free culture. ...more

Obama: Is He Fair to Women?

Sex parity v. policy representation in Obama's cabinet - Feminists can't have it both ways -Karin Agness, ...more

Darn Right Society's Broken

I can't believe it even has to be questioned. Hands up anyone who thinks this is ok: Girls as young as 13 will be urged to have contraceptive jabs as part of Government plans to curb teenage pregnancy rates. ...more

This is one of those things where, like Denise said, it's going to happen. Doesn't matter a darn ...more