Dating While Pansexual

I'm queer.It's an ongoing conversation with myself. As I learn more about the woman I am-- likes, dislikes, the kinds of relationships I want, and the politics I embody-- the clearer my self-portrait becomes. My queerness is not the sole factor through which I am defined or viewed, of course; it is so deeply ingrained in who i am but it is not some "difference", the way a lot of straight (and queer) ppl view being not hetero....more
Hmmmm I didn't get that from her at all. I thought it meant she is attracted to the persons ...more

Lesléa Newman and the Mystique of Lesbian Sexuality

Lesléa Newman is a Jewish femme lesbian, and the author of Heather Has Two Mommies, The Femme Mystique, and Pillow Talk. She celebrates lesbian women who embrace the “traditional” femininity that both the straight and gay worlds have often denied them. Her perspective celebrating femme helped to end a time when the lesbian community had aggressively embraced androgyny in presentation and behavior, part of a backlash against the “straight-seeming” butch/femme identities that had been omnipresent before about 1970....more


So I find in watching all of these fashion shows on t.v., that I really, really like the free spirited gay men who are gorgeously attractive, stylish, and interesting (not the overly flamboyant types… but pretty anyhow).  It’s a weird, but legitimate attraction that makes me wonder…. If I like such a womanish type of dude…. Does that mean that I’m actually attracted o feminine qualities, and as a result… gay myself? Or am I attracted to what I see as a reflection of myself, and in that case just narcissistic?  ...more

Unfocused Femme

It is another gloomy Monday. Where getting out of bed seems impossible let alone making the 75 minute commute to class on time—I didn’t make it to class....more

Fierce, Fat and Ready to F*ck!

Hello. My name is J.D. Bauchery, and I am a queer fat femme. I don’t write about my own sexual exploits on the site too much, but today I thought I’d disclose a little bit and let you into my interworkings. ...more

What it means to be a girl.

This is how I do girl:   an old navy cargo skirt ...more