We've Got 99 Problems... Talking Racism is One

I read a book this past year that took place in the 1830's. It was about capitalism, slavery and, to a certain extent, what happened in a county when fear and racial anxieties met a mob mentality. In case you're wondering: The result was violence, restlessness and lawlessness. Sound familiar? I know. It shouldn't - but I bet it does. To be honest, I hadn't really planned on reading the book. I thought I'd sort of skim through it; I'm embarrassed to say I don't read much non-fiction and when I do, it's pretty much never about anything having to do with history or race....more
I would argue that I am all about the facts. The shooting in Ferguson of Michael Brown was a ...more

A Mom's Eye View of Ferguson

In 1973, when I was 7-years-old, my parents bought a house in a small bedroom community near the town where we lived. While Mom and Dad agreed that they both wanted to move, this particular house was my mother's doing. The middle class neighborhood full of neat little mid-century split-levels and ranch style homes with tidy yards was 100% White and my father wanted nothing to do with it. Yes, from 3rd through the 6th grade I was one of only 5 to 7 Black children in a school of approximately 400 students. The other Black families lived in a subdivision on the other side of the school....more
The riots/protests were a direct response to what the people perceived to be a blatant and ...more

Michael Brown and The Politics of Respectability

If we are honest, many African-Americans waited with baited breath hoping that Mike Brown was not killed while committing a crime. For many of us, it's our worst nightmare. That is, giving white America the fuel to say that our senseless death is justified. The politics of respectability have long been an issue for Black America. We have had to prove over and again that we are American too, in so many ways and so many times, that calling the role would be endless....more
Very well said. Skin pigmentation should not have any bearing whatsoever on either justice, or ...more

#BlackLivesMatter: The Irony Behind “Black On Black” Crime

“I guess the heat does make people crazy…and before you know it, crazy becomes normal” -Huey Freeman, The Boondocks....more
Excellent post, well thought out and easily makes the point. Education, more importantly Black ...more

President Obama is NOT our savior

I have been a President Obama supporter since he declared his candidacy on that cold February day in 2007.  He hasn’t always done things the way I would have preferred, nor as quickly as I would like, but my support has never wavered.  With that being said, you may be surprised by my next sentence.  President Obama is not our savior.  There, I said it.  He’s just not.  He never was.  Those of you who voted for him in 2008 because you thought he was may be disillusioned now.  But that’s your fault, not his....more

Healing in Missouri

Something happened the other night in Missouri.Hours south of Ferguson and miles away from the blare of squawking talking heads, cameras’ glare, fortified police force and protestors, a quiet vigil was held.A small group of people in a rural Missouri town stopped, as they have every year since 2001, to reflect on what happened there August 19, 1901: the expulsion of the town’s black population and the lynching of three men that led up to it....more
nancy328 Thank you, Nancy. Healing -- of all kinds, both of sinew and bones and of hearts and ...more

Some See My Son as Black, Even Though He Is Mixed-Race

I confess to feeling safe because my kids’ biracial genes have given them lighter skin, but my family cannot run away from racism....more
Hi there. I have also been writing about this issue from the perspective of how mixed races ...more

What #NMOS14 means to me and my 15 year old son

I have always been more of a Facebook person than a Twitter person.  I didn't often check my Twitter feed.  But for some reason last Tuesday, 12 August, I woke up and while laying in bed talking myself into getting up to make a cup of coffee I opened my Twitter and looked at the feed.  I saw that my 15 year old son "The Genius" had been tweeting....a lot....all night in fact....more

Race, Depression, Reflections

I have been unusually quiet when it comes to recent events in the news. Not due to lack of knowledge or an opinion. So many have so poignantly said what I felt that the words I thought of didn’t seem to compare. I’ve liked, shared, retweeted, favorited and reflected.From the senseless murder of Mike Brown – an unarmed African American male  in Ferguson, Missouri – to the death of Robin Williams bringing talks of suicide and depression to every day conversation....more

It is a tragedy that we know more about Robin Williams' death than Michael Brown's death.

Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014.  He was a beloved actor and comedian.  The news was even more tragic because he apparently committed suicide and had a history of mental illness.  Depression is a terrible terrible disease.  What people show on the outside is not always how they present themselves, and depression kills....more
@gstffrd dtanton Unfortunately that is true.  Until we see each other as equal human beings ...more