What The Michael Brown Incident Should've Taught Us

I've been thinking a lot about race relations in this country....more

My Excitement to See the New ANNIE Movie & Escape Police Brutality News #AnnieMovie

One definite activity I've put on the family calendar for Christmas Break  is taking A.J. to see the new Annie movie starring Oscar nominated actress Quvenzhané Wallise and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx. This 2014/2015 spin on the book and Broadway play will probably be the only version of Annie A.J. will ever know and I couldn't be happier about it. It stars a brown-skinned girl just like him with big hair and a beautiful smile as Annie  - played by Wallise. ...more

Troubling Revelations in "Serial" Episode 10

I'm not usually very analytical or serious on this blog, but as I was hunkering down on my day off—because I'm sick to my bones—to listen to another episode of Serial, I found myself jolting upright immediately when I heard the following quote:...more

Black Lives Matter: Which Side of History Will YOU Be On?

Hey, folks. You know something?  When people of all ages, races and backgrounds across the country come together to protest something, over and over again, it pretty much 100% means there’s a very real issue at stake.  ...more
allison.arnone I agree!  It's almost impossible to fathom.  It's certainly told me a lot about ...more

Respect Our Police

Everyone in the country has an opinion today about the events that unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri. According to Twitter, it's assumed that because I am a cop wife, I automatically side with Darren Wilson....more
Too many people forget that without the order that police maintain by putting their lives ...more

If I Could Find the Right Words

I AM ... A white, Jewish woman.... Mother to a young, white, Jewish girl.... Married to a white man.... Someone who grew up in New York City.... Someone with an open heart.... Someone with friends who are hurting....more
You should be afraid of your child's future and safety regardless of the color of their skin. ...more

Hold out your hand and you may find a friend

Just like many of you, the events of Ferguson, Missouri, stirred up some difficult feelings. I have such compassion for a community that has moved from being merely frayed to being fully ripped apart. And this tear has traveled from one end of the country to the other....more

A World of Hurt: Rage and Riots

The world is a huge place with millions of residents from every walk of life. It is as diverse as it is populated. I know it will never be possible for everyone on the planet to live in perfect harmony and peace with one another; there are simply too many conflicts. But I will never understand how one judgement can send an entire group of people into rage and riots, destroying their own community and damaging their neighbor’s livelihoods....more

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 26: Obligatory Gratitude Post

It is that time of year where people are busy posting about all of the things that they are grateful or thankful for and I generally try to avoid this display myself, but this year, I am moved to participate....more

Ferguson, America Stands with You

Last night, I sat in the living room with my wife, my mother-in-law and my nephew.  Secure in the bosom of my family, we turned on the television and watched the reaction of Ferguson, Missouri following a grand jury’s refusal to indict the police officer responsible for the death of Mike Brown.  We watched President Obama’s brief remarks, after which my wife commented that our commander in chief didn’t seem very pleased with the events of the day....more