Ask Dr. Renee: Should I Freeze My Eggs?

Ask Dr. Renee: Should I Freeze My Eggs?Ask Dr....more

Fertility and death and stuff

When I was 24 years old, I was sharing an elevator ride with a woman in her 40s. I had just met her about five minutes ago at a crafting event. She had been talking to her friends about getting pregnant. As soon as the elevator doors closed, she turned to me and asked, "You're in your twenties, right?" I said yes. "You should go ahead and freeze your eggs now, that way they will be good when you hit 40 and decide you are ready to have a child....more

Midwest Reproductive Symposium Presents Landmark Research in Fertility Treatment

Global thought leaders in the scientific and clinical infertility arena will present their latest landmark research and discuss advancements, techniques, and treatment modalities in the field of reproductive medicine....more

Judgement + IVF

Doctors Share 7 Biggest Fertility Misconceptions for National Infertility Awareness Week

National study shows widespread lack of fertility knowledge among reproductive-age women.  Fertility Centers of Illinois physicians share the most common misconceptions they hear from patients....more
yes, it is truly amazing how many young women at the peak of their fertility don't even know ...more

10 Myths About Pregnancy in Your 40s

 In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week on April 20-26, Heidi Hayes of Donor Egg Bank USA shares her personal journey with infertility and debunks myths about pursuing later motherhood. ...more

Ten Things To Not Say To Someone Undergoing Infertility Treatments

Seriously, I swear the fertility Gods have to be boys....more

Fertility is No Joke

I have been struggling lately and sadly for you, you have to hear about it. Just like every breakup that I have ever had, I have penned quite the letter to send them away...the boy and the feelings of anger, hurt, etc.. I never sent it, and sometimes I would keep it just to remind myself, in ten months is this gonna matter? Raw emotion that make you a little psycho but it gives you a clean slate to move on. ...more

Following Our Dream of Expanding Our Family