Ten Things To Not Say To Someone Undergoing Infertility Treatments

Seriously, I swear the fertility Gods have to be boys....more

Fertility is No Joke

I have been struggling lately and sadly for you, you have to hear about it. Just like every breakup that I have ever had, I have penned quite the letter to send them away...the boy and the feelings of anger, hurt, etc.. I never sent it, and sometimes I would keep it just to remind myself, in ten months is this gonna matter? Raw emotion that make you a little psycho but it gives you a clean slate to move on. ...more

Hysterosalpingogram: Drop the Speculum Doc

There's a test that reproductive services does to make sure your "pipes are workin'" before you shell out the dough for sperm.  I received a lot of feedback on the experience from web research and friends who experienced it and a lot was dead on, but no one told you everything... I mean, I won't, but here's blunt, but comedic breakdown on the procedure....more

Fertility Testing and You or How I Put Yoga to the Test with my OBGYN

I have never in my life wanted my period to come more than I did this month.  We are in the final stages of testing before we try to inseminate and the last tests need to be done on your second/third day of your cycle and mine decided to be a no-show.  I was put on hormones, but I had a tight timeline before leaving the state for vacation....more

Myrtle the Fertile Turtle

When I was in graduate school (which was a freaking decade ago now and when the hell did I get old?) my area of study was medical anthropology; i.e. how culture effected medicine, medical practices, and medical diagnosis. I focused particularly on reproduction. Having a baby is NOT treated like the same event cross culturally, not even between cultures that are comparable in other ways. You would think something so basic to human life would have a lot of commonality, but no....more

Breaking the silence of my infertility, my life’s work, Holistic Fertility Retreat

So, in honor of National Infertility Week and all those fellow TTCer's, I share my story in this video…(http://youtu.be/bkdWyVXA-0E).And because I feel the heartache of having fertility issues, I have made it my life’s work to help people achieve their dreams of having a baby.And to reach more people and in honor of National Infertility Week, I am facilitating a collaborative and transformational Holistic Fertility Retreat.  This amazing retreat will be held on April 26-28, 2013 at the Glen Ivy Conference & Retreat Center....more

Dear woman: Have you heard about Royal Jelly?

 Some of us may have heard about Royal Jelly and used it. However, there are some people who haven’t. Royal jelly is a milky-white secretion produced by glands of worker honeybees to induce the superior growth and development of the queen bee. Royal jelly is the principal food of the honeybee queen. This substance is believed to be the reason the queen bee lives a long life and is so fertile it lays over 2000 eggs per day....more

Waiting is the new normal: Why more women are freezing their eggs

Many of you may have read today’s front page article in the NY Times on egg freezing.  Although the article focused on parents subsidizing  egg freezing procedures,  I  believe that the monetary angle is not the only one we should look at....more