First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes Baby?

If you follow me on Instagram you know that my life has significantly changed in the past eight months, i became a mom. After being married for four years we had our son Ben in May 2015. What am I getting at? I couldn't possibly write a blog without mentioning my adventures as a new mom. So for now, Monday's will be new mom Mondays!Becoming a mom was no secret, my struggle with becoming one is -- until now. Before the fun anecdotes of my bubbly boy I want to break down the picture perfect image and get real...more

What if We Thought About the Potential Answers to our Questions Before We Asked Them?

What if we thought about the potential answers to our questions before we asked them?What if we really thought about our questions and how personal or intrusive they could be if asked?What if we took a moment to conjure or imagine the responses that our questions could elicit, even though they may be asked with good-intentions and the best of wishes?...more

Are Fertility Clinics Conning Patients?

Doctor, con and IVF are not words you want to see in the same sentence....more

It's My Body and I'll Tie if I Want To

When we found out we were pregnant with this baby, Mark's immediate reaction was to declare his intentions on getting a vasectomy. While he loves me and loves our children, he does NOT love pregnancy's effect on his wife - neither physical  nor psychological. While initially we both were on the same page with how many children we wanted (we discussed it in depth on our first date), after Pip was born, he admitted that he was a little nervous to have any more....more
I am on the same page as you expect my husband doesn't want to go get snipped. He's paranoid ...more

Fertility and Family Planning or Child Spacing

In the last couple of months, I've menstruated twice since Baby Boy's birth. This last time seemed much more menstrual like. Since I'm still breastfeeding, there's a possibility this is not yet a regular thing. Meanwhile though, it does signal for Hun and I to start paying more attention if we don't want to get pregnant again yet (which we don't)....more

The Importance of Detoxification Before Pregnancy

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your future baby, is to clean out and detoxify your body, before getting pregnant.  Why is this so important, and why should it be done before pregnancy?  I’m glad you asked…...more

to ICSI or not to ICSI?



Scroll down.  A little lower.  Yep...that's today's cocktail.....DRUGSSS!    Nurse called yesterday with results of blood test.  My estradiol levels are sky high -- apparently I'm responding very well to the hormones, so time to adjust one set of meds and add more. 1.  Ganirelix:  peel pre-filled syringe, tap and push out air bubble, find sweet spot on thigh, cleanse with alcohol wipe, stab thigh, push drug, enjoy the high!    Ahhh....air bubble on thigh.  Someday I'll get it right!...more

6 Things I've Learned About Myself Because of IVF

What the IVF Process Has Taught Me About Myself...more

The $150,000 Baby and IVF Prediction Tests

Melody once worked as a nurse in the pediatric and maternity ward of a Miami-area hospital. One maternity patient, in particular, sticks in her memory. After the successful birth of a healthy child, the patient had quipped to her nurses that she just had a $150,000 baby. “She’s out of her mind,” Melody thought at the time. “Who would spend $150,000 for a child?” ...more