I Didn't Qualify to Be an Egg Donor. Am I Infertile?

It’s a scary, unexpected thing, when as an egg donor you have your hormones drawn and an ultrasound performed, and then are told you don’t qualify medically for an egg donor program....more

How Accurate is a Home Pregnancy Test with IVF?

10 days!? 12 days!? I have to wait how long to find out if I’m pregnant or not!? While patients engaged in IVF are scheduled as early as possible for their serum (blood) hCG level (pregnancy test), many women cannot resist the urge to "cheat" and take a home pregnancy test with IVF. Although in most cases this can be an accurate measurement of whether you are pregnant or not, it is not always a true reading....more

Do Fertility Drugs Raise the Risk of Cancer?

Fertility drugs are used to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple follicles.  Their use is associated with multiple ovulations and often with high estrogen levels.  It would therefore be reasonable to a...more

A Husband, A Father, A Mormon... And Gay?

Josh Weed is a husband, a father, a member of the Mormon Church -- and he's gay. Earlier this month, he and his wife coauthored a post on his blog about how they have made their marriage work these past ten years. This is a summary of their story, as well as a roundup of the different aspects of this story that concern the blogosphere. ...more
 @avflox Hey there, yes, words are just that. Words. People can say a lot with words, but they ...more

Karma and Infertility

a blog by Tami Quinn for FertilityAuthority: September 9, 2010...more

Isn't It Ironic

a blog by Infertile Naomi, for FertilityAuthority Don’t you think? Yes. I really do think. This week in celebrity fertility news, Alanis Morissette tells US Magazine that her pregnancy with husband Mario "Souleye" Treadway was a complete surprise. "The pregnancy wasn’t planned at all,” she told the magazine excitedly. “It was a wonderful surprise.”...more

Moving on From Fertility Treatments

 by Deborah Moore, for FertilityAuthority Goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodnight! It has been a long two years of building hopes, postponing out-of-town vacations and juggling morning schedules to get to the clinic, but my husband and I have decided to move on from fertility treatments. To cut a long st...more

The Man Cave

by Kristen Magnacca for FertilityAuthority There's a special place for the male in your life to escape and contemplate life. I define it as "The Man Cave:" The Man Cave: A solitary place for escape for males, perhaps your husband or partner. A place to retreat when contemplating a given challenging situation. A space is used for the purpose of regrouping and recharging....more

On the Fourth Path Out of Infertility

It's disconcerting to be verbally attacked for the way I'm living my life.  It happened again last week. This time the particular individual was so intent on making sure I knew what she thought of me she left the same long-winded diatribe on three different sites where I've contributed articles or perspectives. She even invested the time to create new accounts on two different sites that required membership to comment simply to blast me.  Twisted, no? (Be forewarned: she may show up in the comments here, in which case she'd be four for four -- and bona fide obsessive.)...more

I want to thank you for sharing your experience.  I want to know there are options out ...more

Curious Consequences of Older Motherhood

From worries about being the "strange old lady moms" you see in the park to infertile women in their 30s and 40s getting questioned about when they're going to start their families, misreadings by passersby interpret people's life status through out of date concepts of life stage and fertility.  ...more