Infertility: The Movie

The full post appears on the Silent Sorority blog.“I don’t know how to deal with this…”That’s a common response, albeit usually unspoken, for people in the throes of reconciling an infertility diagnosis....more

Fertility Friday 18

My dear friend is in the midst of fertility treatments, about 5 months now I think.  She was starting her 3rd round of IUI when they discovered a cyst on her ovary so they needed to stop treatment and deal with that.  As if she doesn’t have enough on her mind and heart.  After we talked for a little while she asked me how I dealt with “it” for so long.TO read more on how I handled my no's during my fertility process read here...New2two...more

Do Twins Run in Your Family?

“Do twins run in your family?” I get that question a lot. Sometimes I say, “Yes,” just to shut them up. Sometimes I say, “No,” just to leave them wondering. (I have found that a lot of people ask this question when what they really want to know is whether or not I did fertility treatments.) When I tell people I did IVF, I get the look – you may or may not know the one....more
@somethingbeautiful Glad you liked. The information on the fruit and skyscrapers varies ...more

Send in the Clowns? Clowns Shown to Increase IVF Success

You're on the table, your feet in the stirrups, jittery with anxiety because your doctor just transferred an embryo to your womb and in two weeks, you're going to find out if the dozens of injections and pills and surgery (and the $10,000 bill) were all worth it with the pregnancy test. But before your doctor slips that catheter out of your cervix, you're going to have to watch a clown blow up balloon animals. Wait. What? ...more

Now, I love a sense of humor even in stressful moments but if there were one way to scar me for ...more

The Twouble with Twiblings

Many newspapers are running the story of what they’re calling the “twiblings”: two babies born days apart to the same parents via surrogacy. In other words, the parents worked with two surrogates simultaneously in order to transfer embryos to both at the same time which resulted in each surrogate carrying a child, delivering them within days of each other. So they have boy-girl twins … from separate wombs. ...more

I haven't read or thought a lot about this subject so my comments below are meant to show my ...more

Elizabeth Carr and Conceiving "Normally"

I know that Elizabeth Carr (now Elizabeth Comeau), the first child conceived via IVF in America, is put off by the term "test tube baby" (rightfully so), but I take offense at the term "normal" from the headlines last week when she delivered her child. First IVF Baby Delivers a Normal Baby Boy. As if all children born via fertility treatments are abnormal. Alien. A freak show. ...more

I know clotting factors run in families. I was going to ask the inverse of the question--does ...more

Celine Dion, Kelly Preston News: Technology "Junk Shots" of a Different Sort

America's frustration, impatience and angst around the BP's attempt to cap the deep water oil spill felt remarkably familiar, an echo of a more personal demand for science and technology to step it up. We live in an age of unprecedented knowledge, technological advancement.  There should be no problem we can't solve -- and fast, right? ...more

Should Insurance Companies Fund Fertility Treatments?

Back in graduate school, we paid a yearly fee to the graduate student union which funded a plethora of projects including the graduate student newspaper. Though I went to graduate school in Massachusetts, the front page article of the weekly newspaper was usually inexplicably about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict arguing in favour of Israelis moving out of the Middle East entirely. Week after week, while there were plenty of newsworthy things happening in the college town and on campus, these topics were eschewed for Middle East politics. And the whole thing made me beyond uncomfortable. ...more

The rest of us can speak hypothetically about it, but it is 10 times more powerful to hear ...more

Double-Edged Sword: Fertility Treatments

Mention the words fertility treatment and watch people come unglued. Rarely does a topic ignite such a passionate divide.Sunday's New York Times piece, "The Gift of Life, And Its Price," brought out sharp words from both sides. I'm one of many who succumbed to the siren song of the fertility industry. You can read my full take here:

How Many IVF Cycles are Enough?

Several months ago, NPR ran a piece on IVF, discussing a study appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine stating that repeated attempts at IVF brought higher success rate results and that six IVF cycles seemed to be the magic number. ...more

This very subject has been on my ind a lot lately. I know, one would think something else ...more