The 5th Annual Okinawa Sunflower Festival

I love Okinawa! Why? Because they celebrate EVERYTHING... even sunflowers! The 5th Annual Sunflower Festival in Kitankagusuku is running from January 26th - February 3rd. However, you can go anytime and walk around. There's a small stand that was selling some potatoes when I went and they were selling some sunflowers for only 300 yen. From what I understand, once the even starts there will be a lot of local vendors selling fruit, veggies, flowers, etc......more

Making Chinese Moon Cakes with “A Tiger in the Kitchen”

Monday, September 12 marks the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, a celebration of the harvest for Chinese around the world, as well as many other Asian cultures. It's a holiday rooted in folklore and history, but for many Chinese Americans, it's all about the moon cakes. In my experience, these dense, sweet pastries come from a tin or a Chinese bakery. I don’t know any Chinese Americans who make them from scratch anymore—they are intricate, labor intensive, and who has the time?...more
This is a great story and I love the picture. So pretty! I am interested in trying these ...more

The Parade of Nations and a falafel recipe.

Yesterday was the annual Local Colors Festival in my hometown. It's an annual festival that celebrates the diversity of the nationalities living here in the Roanoke Valley, of which there are over ninety. This spring festival boasts a parade of nations and a series of performances that last all day long. There are also a multitude of vendors selling wares and food that are representative of their countries. ...more

Palooza Power

Graduation? 2 more weeks! Blows my mind....more

Pineapple Halwa - Indian Pineapple Pudding


Festival Fun in Germany

[caption id="attachment_640" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Town center"][/caption] What a beautiful day in Germany today. The sun was out, the air was cool and my town was hosting it’s own Oktoberfest this weekend....more

Art & Garden

Paige and I had a girl's morning / early afternoon day at Petaluma's Art and Garden Festival.  So many sites to see, taste and smell.  Petaluma's Art & Garden Festival was started in 2002 by volunteers and the Petaluma Downtown Association as a way to raise funds for the beautification of downtown Petaluma, and to provide a place to showcase the work local artists and gardeners....more

Terror strikes New Delhi, India: 20 dead

I spent the last six hours of my Saturday evening (September 13 here in India) watching a familiar tragedy unfold in the capital city of New Delhi and calling up friends and family to make sure they are okay: five bombs went off in under 30 minutes in three crowded market areas, leaving 20 dead and over a 100 injured. Four live bombs have also been diffused in other parts of the city. ...more

Appreciate your concern. more

Rock. Roll. 'N Recycle.

Lollapalooza 2008. ...more