Gilroy Garlic Festival

When you live less than 30 minutes from Gilroy, a town known for garlic, one must venture to the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival. If you enjoy garlic, this is the festival for you!We enjoyed a variety of foods and walked around for about 2.5 hours. I would highly recommend you get there when the gates open, which this year was 10:00 am. We woke up early, ate a very light breakfast, and made it to Gilroy without much traffic. We were in the first parking lot; we were close enough to walk or shuttle to the festival entrance.What we ate:- Garlic Bread...more

Summer is for Cons and Festivals!

I realized a long time ago that I live for a good convention, no matter where or what it is. My 2012-2013 conference trek kicked off without a hitch in the city of sin, Las Vegas, for the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show(CES) (2014 registration opened on the 1st (Register)) and speaking at various panels and meeting amazing people.I'm serious..have you seen my BADGE addiction?...more

To Thine Own Self Be 'Roo: What My Bonnaroo is All About

Every June, I find myself among 100,000 people on a farm in rural Tenn., all seeking the same ideal: escape. It doesn’t matter that we’re coming from different realities. For some, it’s a world after graduation. For others, impending fatherhood. For folks like me, it’s the day-to-day life of adult- and parenthood. We share this notion, and that’s all that matters....more

Donazione della Santa Spina: AROMA CUCINA

Donazione della Santa Spina: AROMA CUCINA The results are in, and a good time was had by all. ...more

'And The Winner Is...'

'And The Winner Is...' AROMA CUCINA ...more

Montone, the Palio & a Waiting Game: AROMA CUCINA

Montone, the Palio & a Waiting Game: AROMA CUCINA The winner will be announced late this evening in the piazza. Stay tuned! In the meantime, the del Verziere taverna & cantina will keep the masses satiated.  ...more

Montone Marathon: Festa Day 2-AROMA CUCINA

Montone Marathon: Festa Day 2-AROMA CUCINA Trumpets, drums, archery, medieval reenactments. Le sfida e iniziata: The challenge is on...with the three riones competing for the Pallio. Stay tuned!...more

Sibling Revelry

Raksha Bandhan image from www.4to40.comAre you ready for Raksha Bandhan?...more

It is Not just a Flurry

Social Media & Beer At The Fresh Hop Ale Festival

On October 2nd Tom and I ventured to Washington’s version of the Heartland… Yakima, Washington,  for the 8th Annual Fresh Hop Ale Festival.…and our lives will never be the same....more