Iodine deficiency during pregnancy may cause brain damage for baby

Did you know that the World Health Organization considers idonine deficiency to be the most common preventable cause of brain damge?Even with the mandatory addition of iodine supplementation in bread in Australia (started in 2009), researchers found that some women are still iodine deficient. The good news is that women just need to take iodine supplements to keep their baby's brain and organs healthy....more

I Don't Understand the Pro-Life Movement

Rather, I don't understand certain factions of the pro-life movement.  I mean, what is it they stand for, anyway?For most of my life, I thought that pro-lifers believed life began at conception, and therefore it would be murder to abort a fetus at any stage.  This puts the needs of the fetus before the choice of the mother and her right to her body.  The crux of the argument is that at conception, a child is a child and no longer simply part of the mother's body.Why, then, would some members of the pro-life movement choose to fight for a bill th...more

i don't think prolifer's definition of life has ever changed... a baby is alive before there is ...more

Abortion, Eugenics and Parenting

 The abortion debate rages on around us.  The ethical issues of life and death are potent enough to break families apart as members line up on either side of the great divide.  Neither side will budge.  Both sides feel they are protecting the core of human rights.And then, every once in a while, someone comes along who says something so completely atrocious that the bickering enemies find themselves tossed into the river together, struggling to find a way back to their noble shores.Glenn Beck found his way back masterfully, by pinning the opinion of ...more

The Womb. Your Mother. Yourself.

A few days ago, I met a mother with a beautiful, calm six-month-old baby who smiled and cooed during the three hours we spent together. I commented about her baby's temperament and was surprised when she answered "When I found out I was pregnant, I decided to cut out as much stress as I could from my life." Would that we all could be so lucky....more

The Effects of Plastic Exposure

The chemicals bisphernol-A and pthylates mimic estrogen, and can cause developmental problems in children and fetuses. These chemicals are found in specific types of plastics and it is not just plastic objects that are effected. ...more

India's missing girls -- nipping them in the bud?

Gender-based abortions in India is no longer the man-bites-dog breaking news story. It's such a pervasive  practice that it probably doesn't outrage us enough to tackle it on a war footing. It is recognized as a problem by law, it makes some men shift in their seats and many women unhappy. In other words, it runs the risk of becoming just another addition to the endless list of gender issues that we know the country needs to deal with, and hope that time and a robust economy will drive it to its natural death. ...more

Thanks Lisa! Has the book been made into a movie yet? I think they should...

Curiously, I ...more