Thank you very much for your swift response and for telling me the(item) is still available.I want to inform you that i am a deafman and i am satisfied with the conditions has you have stated in the CL.I want to let you know that i have a schedule already,for i need to attend an important seminar in Germany so i won't be able to come and check it at your House, Since i am okay withthe condition, I will like to make an outright purchase in issuing a certified check to you and the check will be cover money...more
 @HomeRearedChef  I get so sad when I think of the people that have fallen for this stuff and ...more


Effective 1 October 2008 the FHA passed a ruling that they will not accept any new applications for licensed appraisers.  What started this whole economic crisis was that appraiser were over valuing homes causing homeowners to borrow more money, causing the banks to sell more loans whatever the outcome.  So, we keep the current appraisers and not eliminate and scrutinize the profession by getting rid of the old dogs and take on new appraisers that understand this economic problem and value homes at fair market value. ...more