The Issue Of Blood: Living With Fibroids: Blackstrap Molasses

For a couple of years now, I've been on the internet doing research about natural cures for heavy menstruation and fibroids. I've read about Apple Cider Vinegar, a variety of vitamins and herbs and Blackstrap Molasses. Every now and then the blood would come back and never go away. If it stops, it only stops for a few weeks. If the heavy blood flow starts again, it is here to stay. Even the blood clots from my vagina. It's unstoppable. I've been having heavy blood flows and average sized blood clots non-stop for almost a year during 2015-March 2016....more

This is How Much I Want You

 One more thing accomplished…day 3 FSH level blood test – check! Now hopefully the results will be okay…Prior to this, it was quite the day…...more

The Issue Of Blood: Living With Fibroids: The Return Of The Flow

Hello Everyone. I've been bleeding for almost a month during March 2015. I can't tell if it my regular period or the bleeding from my fibroid. Well I guess it's time to  start taking  my D3 vitamins and drinking herbal tea again. When my bleeding had stopped I decided to stop taking my vitamins, but months later the blood flow started again. The past four months has been paradise to me! But when March  2015 came, it has been an obstacle course.  And once again, I got blood on my bed sheets....more

The Issue Of Blood: Living With Fibroids: Streams

Morning, Mid-Morning, Noon, Mid noon, After-noon, Mid Afternoon, Late Afternoon, Evening Mid Evening, Night, and finally,between Night and Midnight and after midnight, I'm on the toilet urinating! Every five, ten, or fifthteen minutes, I'm on the toilet! It's like a never ending waterfall! Sometimes I get plenty of sleep, sometimes I don't....more

The Issue Of Blood: Living With Fibroids: The Red River

The thought of having very little blood inside my body scares the hell out of me! I have to change my maxipad every two hours because of the heavy flow. The blood even goes through my underwear during the daytime and sometimes can be seen through my pants. This is why I have to wear the color black everyday. I can NEVER wear light colored clothing. During the time I sleep in the middle of the night, blood gets on the sheets on my bed, eventhough I have a maxipad on. My blood flow is always heavy and the cramps are unbearable. Sometimes blood has a very unpleaseant odor to it....more

Issue Of Blood: Living With Fibroids: Facing Reality

Ok if I don't do something here I'm not going to have any blood left. I didn't realize that just one 2 centimeter fibroid that is located on top of my uterus would cause so much damage. I've been hemorraging so much and so long there were times I'm having dizzy spells. I'm feeling sleepy, all the time. I've already been to the doctor. She said that I have the option to go on birth control pills. I told her I don't know, I have to think about it because I'm afraid it will interfere with my anxiety and panic attacks....more

The Issue Of Blood: Living With Fibroids (Part 1)

There has been a river of blood flowing within me for almost three months. I was hoping and praying it would stop. At first I though it was because of my weight. After months of keeping it a secret, I finally decided to tell my parents. My mother was crying because she thought I might have something worst. My dad was furious because I didn't bother to call to make an appointment at the doctor. So I finally made an appointment at the OBGYN and had a pap smear. Nothng, not even cancer, but that was good news to me. My doctor couldn't find anything wrong....more

Oh My Ovaries! Interview with Celeb OB/GYN DR.Tosha Rogers

For those of you who don't know, I suffer heavily from fibroid uterus which just means I am a fibroid making machine. Our Reader Reach- Out honoree, Tiffany Brown, has PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and many of my friends struggle with endometriosis. Since so many women suffer from uterine related complications, I set out to investigate what we can do to help ourselves manage and treat these conditions. There are many experts in this field but Dr. Rogers has become a premiere educator on the subject due to her extensive research....more

Could You Have Fibroids & Not Even Know It?!

Thought I would share a topic that I know quite a lot about- Fibroids. I have been plagued with them for years and had an Abdominal Myomectomy a few years back, the surgeon removed 5 fibroids from my uterus…the largest was the size of an orange!  Please share this info with other women you know. Thanks! ...more