September Pain Awareness Month 2014 – Let’s Go All Out to Make It One of the Best Ever!

Tomorrow many across the nation will participate in September Pain Awareness Month....more

I MADE it my first 5K walk EVER! :O)

Week 6 Monday 5-19-14 Day 35 5K...more

Dear Fibromyalgia Stakeholders: As Promised, a Message from the United States Food and Drug Administration

 To my Fellow Fibromyalgia patients, friends, and loved ones:...more

PMA, Lyrica, and Morgan Freeman...Oh My!

Its been a while since I have written anything, and there are a few reasons for that....more

Fibromyalgia and Pain Warriors…This One is for You!

 No matter how much pain I’m in, I will fight to the end! I am a FIBROMYALGIA WARRIOR. I’m gonna win this fight no matter how much pain I’m in. I may have Fibromyalgia but it don’t have me. How about you? Are you with me? We got the victory! ...more

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes...Lifestyle, Health, and Mind - Fibromyalgia

Being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia came with a few stages for me. I was angry about being 35 years old and being told that I had this mystery disease/disorder that would strike me down with disabling pain and exhaustion for days at a time with no real relief. I was sad that there was no treatment for me beyond a trial and error plan of pharmacueticals and lifestyle changes....more

Magic Fingers, Crushing Depression, and the Realities of Newly Diagnosed Fibromyalgia

So let’s talk about medications. Fibromyalgia is a lot of things, but one of the main things that it presents is pain. LOTS AND LOTS OF BODY WIDE PAIN. Its pain that seems to have no explanation and sits in our joints, our muscles, spines and heads. My back often feels covered in bruises that no one can see. Eric will offer to rub my back for me and as much as I would love him to, it offers no relief. The moment he touches me I want to scream in agony. I try to lay down, but I can’t find a comfortable way to lay in bed....more

So this is Fibromyalgia...

Insomnia in Fibromyalgia - shutting off the manic mind

I've had this problem for years and years.  Insomnia and being unable to shut off my mind.  I can't attribute it exclusively to fibromyalgia, as my insomnia has been decades-long, and in my particular case it hasn't got much to do with my fibro.  It's just a coincidence that insomnia and/or sleep disorders are also part of fibro.  Sort of a chicken and egg thing -- I don't know which came first.  Perhaps the insomnia and sleep disorder caused the fibro.  Who the hell knows?  And at this point, after all these years, does it matter?  I deal....more