Cecelia Ahern reveals how we all have a story worth telling in One Hundred Names

We walk around in our own little worlds, each of us focused on our inner lives. We tend to stay in our familiar little groups, talking only to people we know at the office, at the gym, in our neighborhood. But what if we reached out beyond our established circles? What if we stopped dismissing others as not worthy of our time, or as dangerous? What would we discover?...more

Why at 27 I’m a YA Reader: Young Adult Fiction! My top 5 must reads

Since you’re still getting to know me, let me start off by telling you I love books! So much that I went to college and studied them. My dream wasn’t to write, but to study the classics that influence today’s writers. Each day of college felt like I was a part of Oprah’s Book club, but in a class-room setting. After being handed my degree, I was given the freedom of being able to have the time to read whatever I wanted! Life without a syllabus? It seemed pretty exciting…...more
Denise yes, so is my mother! Hard to put them down!more