Characters of Interest

My husband and I try to pick a new television show every season to watch together. Too often we exchange quick goodbye kisses and run in opposite directions. Some days we talk more over email than we do in person. Our weekly television show is our date night. We should focus on each other more, but we try to at least squeeze this in....more

Fantastic Female Movie Characters

Award-winning journalist and novelist L.J. Sellers interviews Professor Kathleen Rowe Karlyn, a film studies expert, who shares her top ten female film characters.As the author of The Unruly Woman: Gender and the Genres of Laughter, Kathleen is drawn to “independent woman who hold their ground.” This list she says, “represents the range of ways strong and interesting women can appear in film and on TV.”...more

You mentioned a bunch of films I haven't even seen! Must put them in my Netflix ...more

I'm Spying On You!!

I have a little pink journal that I keep in my car. The kids call it my “stalker notebook.” They’re right. I secretly watch people whenever I’m at the car wash or the drive-thru, even the pick-up line at the school. I am always on the lookout for inspiration for a future short story or novel. Sometimes I only pick up some scenery, but the best days–those ones that make me rush to my computer to type–are the days when I meet someone like Ed. ...more

Please Knock

A writer can find inspiration in the most unlikely of places, including her twelve year old daughter’s bedroom door. This notice appeared in my hallway yesterday: PLEASE KNOCK. Especially if you are opportunity. Because if you were opportunity and you didn’t knock, well, we wouldn’t say, “opportunity knocks” anymore. We would say, “opportunity barges in, thus ticking me off.” So please, knock. ...more

Your daughter is wittty and provacative!  You gotta love ...more