Why the ending of Fifty Shades of Grey is depressing

I remember the many times I broke up with my abusive partner, it was often after some particularly degrading act, I would slam the door and walk away, swearing that I would never come back. I felt used and abused and absolutely disgusted with him and myself. I could not believe that in spite of being a 21st century woman in the first world I had willingly allowed a man to hurt me thus and yet at the same time I felt infinitely broken and sad to let him go....more

Should You Really Watch This ’50 Shades Of Grey Trailer?’

Everyone is all a titter about the many “50 Shades of Grey” trailers and teasers.  People are getting their panties in a wad, and then promptly throwing them on the floor.The trailers are intended to make us salivate for the new movie, but all some of them do do is remind us why we hate car commercials and bad song remakes....more

Flo loves 50 Shades of Grey!

Today I will share yet another Flo video. Flo is from Progressive and I am aggressively spoofing her! In this video, Flo feels like she needs a change, as usual, from being...well...Flo! She has trouble putting her request into words, so she decides to sing about it instead! An old Madonna song helps her along as you will hear.... xoxo Melissa...more

Shocker: E.L. James Took NONE of My Suggestions

Twitter and Facebook feeds are blowing up. A cure for cancer? Nope. Peace declared in Syria? Uh-uh. Finally an Ikea in St. Louis? There are rumors, but nothing confirmed. No, the breaking news heard 'round the world is that the roles for the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey have been cast....more

Fifty Shades of Vampires and Fairytales

I never read fairytales as bedtime stories to my daughter when she was little....more


My female goddess awakened as Jim tickled me down there with an ostrich feather. I chewed my lips as he salaciously cocked his head to the side and rocked his groin upward. "Holy crap," I gasped, about to reach my eleventh orgasm of the day....more
@Sue O. You "want" my husband, huh?  On my breaks from editing CHICA PEEPS, the anthology ...more

Even Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey Won't Get Me to Read Them

http://nopithyphrase.blogspot.com/2012/06/why-im-not-reading-50-shades-of.html My mother-in-law recently asked me if I read 50 Shades of Grey (nope, I sure didn't add a link to the book there and yup, it was on purpose). I could probably do a whole post just on inappropriate things my MIL has asked me over the years.  Instead, let me explain why I refuse to read them. First: 50 Shades is fan fiction based on Twilight....more

My Obsession (9/16/2012)

Fifty Shades of Grey....Yes this is MY new obsessed....well it has been for a few months now. I am going to say now I am here expressing my views and thoughts on this book...they are NOT negative and though I dont mind open discussing... I would greatly appeciate NO negativity about my posts, and I would rather NOT have negative comments about my post. This trilogy may not be everyones favorite, some may not like it...but my thoughts are if you have NOT read it...or have NOT read all of it...those people have no idea about this story. ...more

Fifty Shades of Grey... Why None of My Friends Are Picking Up The Phone Part 2

Let's talk Fifty Shades of Grey, part two. Or Fifty shades of Gray. However you spell it. This is the second part of the Fifty post. Read Fifty Shades of Grey... Why None of My Friends Are Picking Up The Phone Part 1 here....more