Get Rid Of the Tension and Fight the Midlife Depression before It Becomes a Crisis

As you grow old you become more knowledgeable and gain more wisdom. However, you may also come across certain complications leading to midlife stress. If this is not handled appropriately, you will be tangled into the middle age depression. The issues are mix bundle of relationship challenges, growing up children, aging parents, financial and retirement concerns and so on. ...more

Did not; did too!

Throughout my childhood, there was an invisible barrier in the backseat of the car called "The Liberty Line." The naming of this barrier is questionable, I know, but my brother came up with it (I think). The point of the line was that it was the DMZ of the car and the one spot in the backseat that should not be crossed....more

When the Fight Goes Away

It's really rather amazing the calm that descends when the Fight is gone. Not just that the Fight has stopped, moved on to something else, or been placated for the time being, but that the Fight is gone. When the Fight and all that accompanies it, the hate, anger, bitterness, rancour, disdain, goes away what is left is an enveloping calm. It's a relief, an exhale, an ahhhh. What makes you "ahhh" in relief?...more

My Kid Just Had a 20 Minute Tantrum

My 4 year old had a 20 minute tantrum.Over candy corn.I shit you not.I told him and his twin that they can have some candy corn when we got home from preschool. As soon as we walk in they start throwing question after question at me at once:"Can I watch TV?""Can I have candy corn?""Why is your hair so frizzy?""Why didn't you find my toy and I want a cookie, and I want to watch tv.""What smells in here? Did you fart again?"(no)"Can I have candy corn NOW?"...more

A Boxer Learns To Be Real

On my last trip to New York City, I was fortunate enough to be in town for the 30th Anniversary of the House of Xtravaganza.  For those of you who don't know of this iconic entity, it is a huge drag "organization" that participates in "balls" where fabulous fem queens, transexuals, and butch queens walk the runway in an attempt to achieve "realness" in several categories which include, Trans Butch Amazon Warrior as well as Butch Queen Sex Siren.  The balls started out as a voguing contest in the 80's between different...more

Wonderful Wednesday - Wise Words From Another - Claude McKay

Wonderful Wednesday - it is wonderful to stand tall and proud in the face of unfair opposition....more

Fair Fight Guidelines

The Promise Land

I remember vividly the day Kelly had a difficult seizure episode.  I held her quietly in my lap until the tough moment passed.  She looked up into my face and said, “Mommy, I don’t want to have seizures anymore!”  My heart broke.  I went to the Lord challenging His perfect love, insisting He heal my daughter.  In desperation, I hurled His word at Him accusing Him of making it too tough for my little girl.  In a quiet, calming voice I felt the Lord say, “Only I know the future.”    Life lesson:  Struggles have great purpose...more

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There’s a Storm a Brewin’ in Minnesota: NOH8MN

Some say the Rapture came to Minnesota last weekend, bringing fear and hatred. In the waning hours of Saturday night, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed a bill that places on the November 2012 ballot the question whether to amend the Minnesota Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. This bill was not passed without a somber, civil, sad fight. All of this happening just 20 minutes from our home, DH & I huddled around my computer listening and watching a live feed from the House Chamber floor....more