Poor Girl on SNAP: Using EBT At The Farmers Market

It's never anyone's goal to have to seek help in the form of food stamps or other financial assistance programs. What's even more out of the picture is having to go back to that kind of assistance, after almost making it out of one's hole. But even if economists say things are slowly improving, this is where I find myself: back in the saddle of county aid bureaucracy and food stamps, a.k.a. the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP....more
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Lioness in the Winter

I decided to deliver my first daughter in Serbia rather than in the U.S., which might sound like an illogical choice. But Father was an ObGyn, Mother would be there to take care of me and the baby when it arrived, and my friends would fill my batteries depleted of energy after the months of my voluntary exile....more

Thankful for food on my table and joining the fight to end hunger.

Day 27- oops I was so busy finding the perfect Christmas tree, decorating the house and meeting friends to catch up on the Thanksgiving holiday I simply forgot to post!So here I am a day behind, again. Oh well this has been a great experience writing every day on BlogHer, or at least attempting to post every day this month. I did fall behind a few times but jumped back in and started pecking away at the keyboard.Keeping with my theme for November “What I am thankful for” as a “foodie” I am thankful that I can participate in programs to fight hunger....more
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