The Day My Neighbor Freaked Out On Me

We live across the street from a public elementary school. One day last summer we went over to play on the playground. There’s also a baseball field. It had just rained a lot, so the baseball field was a mess and full of fun worms and fun in general to be had. My kids were having a blast just messing around in the cinder and walking around in the puddles and getting their feet all nasty.Until …...more
Jennie Koczan Girl, if I could go back and do it over again I would probably take my own shoes ...more

How Long is too Long to Keep Your Holiday Lights Up?

Once Christmas is over I have the urge to take everything down right away usually the Christmas ...more

Strike Three, You're Out!

I know you're all familiar with what it's like for my husband and me to live beneath what can only be defined as "the neighbors from hell." Well, this week's neighborly adventures takes the cake! ...more