Kids are so sweet when they’re not spilling blood

Bou and PG love each other. Most days. Other days I’m refereeing a 1970s style goon hockey game....more

Dr. Romance Video: Resolving Mother & Sister Fights

(To see the accompanying video, click here.) Often, the same quirks, reactions and behaviors that create problems between you and the female members of your famiy wouldn't be a problem if they was someone else's family. If your best friend's mom or sister did the same thing, you'd probably let it go, gloss over it and focus on what you like about her.  The same techniques will work with your own sisters and mom....more

Survival of the Fittest

Yesterday was a rough day. I didn't even get a chance to bore you with a blog. I spent the whole day writing an ebook for a nameless employer for which I will get no credit and very little money. Welcome to the new Internet opportunities.The poor kids were out of their minds with boredom, but what could I do? I was on deadline....more

Holiday Conflict Survival Guide

My son and business partner wrote this blog.  I loved it so much I wanted to share it on here....more

Do You Fight About Money With Your Honey?

Does anyone in a long-term relationship never argue about money? I'll wait. Nobody? Okay. Let's talk about how to just ... not....more
@LucindaA I like what you said about wanting less vs. working more. :)more

A Very Thin Line

Most of you who stop by my blog know about our ongoing struggles with Will. This year has been so much better thus far and I am absolutely thrilled about that. So I'm sure you will understand my disappointment when I got a phone call from the assistant principal letting me know that Will had gotten into a fight. I didn't get the message in time to speak with her directly, so I'm still a little hazy on the details but regardless, he spent some time in the office. ...more

Conflict Resolution and the Rori Raye Mantra

In the foundation of any relationship, learning to respect each other and “fight right” is of paramount importance. One thing that Rori Raye points out in her have the Relationship You Want eBook is that many fights are not about the issue at hand – they are about control.   Learning to manage your disagreements in a mature and loving fashion will strengthen your relationship exponentially and is one of the best pieces of relationship advice you can heed....more

Win the Battle, Lose the Love

 You throw the credit card bill in the middle of the kitchen table with a victorious flourish. Ta-da! You were right. HE’s the one who maxed out the card. HE’s the one who spent needless dollars on some foolish whats-it that wasn’t in the budget. HE’s the one who puts his selfish needs above the good of the family. HE…well, HE walked out of the room. Fine, who cares. You gloat happily. ...more

Relationship Communication 101

Does your man make a bad day better or worse? I think that’s the litmus test for whether you are in a healthy relationship or not—whether he can turn around your bad day or make it even worse. A man who can make you laugh or take your mind off things is a man who has cracked the code to a woman’s mind.  Because we get inside our own heads a lot and start overthinking things and over analyzing things, and sometimes we need someone to just grab us out of that mental meltdown and bring us back to reality. B...more