Win the Battle, Lose the Love

 You throw the credit card bill in the middle of the kitchen table with a victorious flourish. Ta-da! You were right. HE’s the one who maxed out the card. HE’s the one who spent needless dollars on some foolish whats-it that wasn’t in the budget. HE’s the one who puts his selfish needs above the good of the family. HE…well, HE walked out of the room. Fine, who cares. You gloat happily. ...more

Relationship Communication 101

Does your man make a bad day better or worse? I think that’s the litmus test for whether you are in a healthy relationship or not—whether he can turn around your bad day or make it even worse. A man who can make you laugh or take your mind off things is a man who has cracked the code to a woman’s mind.  Because we get inside our own heads a lot and start overthinking things and over analyzing things, and sometimes we need someone to just grab us out of that mental meltdown and bring us back to reality. B...more

Segment 17: When a Third World Came West

Blog Directory I left my linguistics class to go over to the Liberal Arts meeting which was up two flights of white painted wooden stairs, across campus, on the other side of the fountain in Lovett Hall....more

Meet the Mob

by Lianne Castelino The utter hypocrisy of it all makes me want to vomit, truthfully. For almost 5 days now I've been watching coverage of the Stanley Cup 'riots' in Vancouver.  And everyday another disturbing layer of the story is revealed.  Hopefully we are done now, but probably not.   ...more

In the Best Interest of the Children: Custody Considerations II

Decisions, Decisions I make decisions for my Darling Boys, intending to promote their welfare and wellbeing, every day....more

It's not easy to come to a great solution for the children. There will always be compromise. ...more

He Heard Me

Relationships are give and take, but what if no one is giving or taking? What happens when neither person is adding anything to the relationship, but also not taking anything away? When the give and take is gone, does that mean the passion is gone?Is it okay to be in a passionless relationship?  Is lack of passion better than lack of turmoil? Or is the turmoil a signal of engagement in the relationship? ...more

Savage Joy: Part 2 The Main Event

(Editor's Note: If you missed Lisa's earlier post - check out how she trained for her big fight in Part 1)...more

Savage Joy: Training Part 1

That's me in the gold and black, in one of the happiest moments of my fighting career to date. ...more

(I only just now realized you have Miss Piggy for your avatar. Love it!)more

Wives: We can dish it but can we take it?

You know how in the midst of fighting with your spouse you get so frustrated you forget what started the fight in the first place? That is not me. I almost always instigate the fights. I am the finger wagging wife. ...more