Organizing Without Organization Supplies

The cost to be organized can add up quickly, especially if you're like us- we love those clear, plastic bins!Slowly but surely, we're replacing soggy, cardboard boxes with more durable containers- but what do we do until then?Here are a few ways we keep organized while we wait to buy better organization supplies:CLOTHING-...more

Get Your Closets Buttoned Up!

  by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore ...more

Managing Paper

I consider paper to be clutter, especially when it is unsolicited. But we must deal with a certain amount of paper on a daily basis. Here are a few ways to keep from getting overwhelmed: Filing - Setting up and maintaining a simple, effective filing system saves an untold amount of time because you know exactly where to find items you need. - If you are a visual person, consider using different colors of file folders for different categories. ...more

Your Priorities, Passions, and Gifts Create Context for Your Clutter

 I was helping a client organize her office the other day. The surfaces were clear. The floor was clear. We had a lot of papers to go through. But we had to stop. Before we could proceed, I needed to know her priorities. She had mentioned half a dozen interests and activities in which she participated. She was in the midst of rethinking her life. But in order for us to move forward, she needed to identify her mission and vision for her life. ...more

Nice take on helping your client organize her life.  Once you know what your goals are ...more

File your Federal taxes online FREE if...

I went to the IRS website and found this information (link: This is the direct link:,,id=118986,00.html Be sure you read all the information because some of the links through the IRS have different stipulations for use of their free service. So if you qualify you can save $$$! It is worth checking it out! More at ...more