Filipino Egg Pie

Filipino Egg Pie is a classic Filipino dessert resembling an Egg Custard Pie or a Greek Egg Custard Pie. You could say it is a distant cousin of Magic Cake. The pie consists of a pie shell filled with custard filling made of eggs yolks beaten with evaporated milk, sugar, vanilla and lemon juice. At the end whipped egg whites are folded in. The pie is baked until filling is firm and the top is golden. You can make your own homemade pie crust or buy a ready made one at your local grocery store to make it even more simple....more

Small talk with Nonoy Zuñiga

MY less than 30 minute talk with the ever popular Filipino balladeer Nonoy Zuñiga was inspiring. I am a huge fan and, after that small conversation with him which he gladly obliged, am now more than ever.   ...more

But He Doesn't Look Filipino...

“Julio Iglesias Jr, is part Filipino!? Nooo! But he doesn’t look Filipino!”“I’m sorry, what do Filipinos look like?”“You know, they have those cheeks…”...more


A few months into my freshman year, I met Alejandro. Unlike Lady Gaga’s Alejandro, mine was Filipino and not-so-hot. The first time I noticed him it wasn’t really him that I noticed.It was Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock....more