Adobo With Love

The sound of sizzling oil and the smell of frying garlic signals that everything is going to get better. When my stepfather Celes chopped up chicken while rice was boiling on the stove, I knew that even though we couldn't pay the bills that for one moment we would enjoy just being together around the dinner table. My mother, Aloha, worked the graveyard shift cleaning bed pans and giving out meds at a nearby center for the elderly....more
Reading this made me sincerely hungry!more

Filipino Vegetarian Pancit

I love pancit bihon!...more

Shrimp Loco Moco

 Feeding my family on Good Friday was always a challenge. Or for that matter, Fridays of Lent. I tried to be true to what my parents taught me when we practiced abstaining from meat during our childhood years. But my parents had daughters, and did not have to deal with children's voracious appetites like my sons had and still do.So to fill the boys up and make them quiet down, I often extended a seafood dish by combining it with vegetables, pasta, bread or in this case, rice....more

Bibingka (Filipino Coconut Rice Cake)

My Lumpia Brings All the Boys to the Yard

I usually don't eat animal products (or, as one buddy likes to put it, "things that had a mother." This line might be funnier if you've ever heard him say it at one of the parties he and his wife host: "Okay, people? This plate? Used to have a mother. This one? Did not. Carnivorous and herbivore friends, eat accordingly!")Occasionally, I make exceptions: usually when I'm a guest in someone's home, but sometimes when I feel the need for comfort food....more