7 Tips for Being on Set

Yesterday my sister was cast in her first Austin Brock/Allen gig as an extra. Today she's on set. (Mum's the word on what they're shooting.) I'm so proud! I absolutely love the Austin film and acting scene and was rooted pretty deeply in it a few years ago. ...more

Unacceptable Levels: A look into the aftermath of the Chemical Revolution

Unacceptable Levels examines the results of the chemical revolution of the 1940s through the eyes of affable filmmaker Ed Brown, a father seeking to understand the world in which he and his wife are raising their children. To create this debut documentary, Ed takes us along on his journey as he interviews top minds in the fields of science, advocacy, and law searching for answers....more

An English Major Goes to the Movies

My wife and I had a date tonight.  We went out to the movies for the first time in about a year.It’s not that we don’t love the movies.  We enjoy the entire experience, from the popcorn to the previews.  For the past three years, however, we have been living in a remote area of the Sonoran Desert where a trip to the movies involved driving three hours round-trip.  There actually was a two-screen movie theater in our little town when we first moved there, but it went out of business just a few weeks after our arrival....more

Disney's Frozen and How it Should Have Ended

A couple of weeks ago I finally got a chance to see Disney’s Frozen. While the movie was okay, I id have some issues with it.View Post ...more

food porn

I am food chick bringing you food porn, courtesy of DC Shorts film festival.http://foodchickeats.blogspot.com/2013/12/food-porn.htmlChow! food chick ~~:~~ Eat, drink, be merry and validate for parking (TM)...more

Catching Fire: Is Katniss a good Role Model for Girls?

After reading the books and loving the Hunger Games, going to see Catching Fire was a long-anticipated treat for me and my daughter. We gained a child along the way.*SPOILER ALERT*...more

#Kindawesome and my new short journey

This past year has been one of transition and newfound joy!Beginning a new concept can be both scary and invigorating!WE LOVE MOVIES! So spear-heading a new campaign to support Indie filmakers, documentary makers, webisodes and shorts is a journey I am adoring.I hope you will follow us as we embark on bringing the brightest, award-winning talent to the world. WE will need your support and well wishes, count on that....more


In my first essay on the Duchess of Malfi, we have to consider how we would stage one of the scenes. In researching this it has turned my mind to lighting in tv, film and plays....more

What's so magic about Magic Mike?

So, I finally got around to watching Magic Mike. Honestly, it wasn't on my to-do list or anything, I'd just had a rotten day and I thought it would be a lighthearted romp with a few sexy abs to cheer me up. What I got was ... a little distressing. And not just because there was very little plot, an enormous amount of mumbling, and almost every scene seemed to be tinted green, but because there was more female frontal nudity in the movie than male nudity! Excuse me, I thought I signed up to see a movie about male strippers?...more

An "Epic" Film About Environmental Concerns

What really goes on in a forest? And why should we care? Is a forest just a bunch of creepy vines, trees too tall to climb, and annoying insects that bite and sting? Or is it a place where Nature works the magic the Earth needs every day to keep our world going strong?...more
biggreenpurse Thanks for the RT. Hope the EPIC campaign is going well!more