food porn

I am food chick bringing you food porn, courtesy of DC Shorts film festival.! food chick ~~:~~ Eat, drink, be merry and validate for parking (TM)...more

Catching Fire: Is Katniss a good Role Model for Girls?

After reading the books and loving the Hunger Games, going to see Catching Fire was a long-anticipated treat for me and my daughter. We gained a child along the way.*SPOILER ALERT*...more

#Kindawesome and my new short journey

This past year has been one of transition and newfound joy!Beginning a new concept can be both scary and invigorating!WE LOVE MOVIES! So spear-heading a new campaign to support Indie filmakers, documentary makers, webisodes and shorts is a journey I am adoring.I hope you will follow us as we embark on bringing the brightest, award-winning talent to the world. WE will need your support and well wishes, count on that....more


In my first essay on the Duchess of Malfi, we have to consider how we would stage one of the scenes. In researching this it has turned my mind to lighting in tv, film and plays....more

What's so magic about Magic Mike?

So, I finally got around to watching Magic Mike. Honestly, it wasn't on my to-do list or anything, I'd just had a rotten day and I thought it would be a lighthearted romp with a few sexy abs to cheer me up. What I got was ... a little distressing. And not just because there was very little plot, an enormous amount of mumbling, and almost every scene seemed to be tinted green, but because there was more female frontal nudity in the movie than male nudity! Excuse me, I thought I signed up to see a movie about male strippers?...more

An "Epic" Film About Environmental Concerns

What really goes on in a forest? And why should we care? Is a forest just a bunch of creepy vines, trees too tall to climb, and annoying insects that bite and sting? Or is it a place where Nature works the magic the Earth needs every day to keep our world going strong?...more
biggreenpurse Thanks for the RT. Hope the EPIC campaign is going well!more

"Argo": Great Film; Historically Inaccurate

So you know those weeks where no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to fit everything in?  Well this past week was like that for me.  I was so busy with school, work, and family, that I just couldn’t get a chance to see a new movie this week.  I had planned on seeing “The Call” with Halle Berry, but something ALWAYS seemed to get in the way.  I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything to blog about this week, but then it hit me.  I remembered that I had seen “Argo” not too long ago—and this film has sparked some recent controversy so I figured now would b...more

"Oz: The Great and Powerful" Blog Review

This week is March Break so I took my niece to see Oz: The Great and Powerful, which she had been dying to go see.  We arrived 45 minutes before the film was supposed to start, and it was ALREADY sold out.  I couldn’t believe it!  I guess everyone had the same idea as I did.  So we waited an hour for the next show time, which was unfortunately in 3D.  I’m not a fan on 3D movies AT ALL.  First of all, it’s like 4 dollars more just to wear the stupid glasses to see it in a third dimension.  Secondly, I always end up leaving the theatre with a huge head aft...more

Make Them Stop Singing!

If you thought it was soul-wrenching to watch Anne Hathaway IN Les Mis, you should have seen my husband after two hours AT Les Mis. It was enough to break your heart. On Christmas Day, instead of my beloved turkey, pecan pie, and evening cocktails at The Bar with our favorite gays, we had steak, cheesecake, and went to see Les Miserables with his mother. Both she and I were very excited about the film. Poor Frank…not so much....more
Hahahaha. I am still on the fence as to whether we're going to go see this in the theatre. We ...more

My thoughts on The Tree of Life

Today at Bonny Glen, I share my thoughts on Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life:...more