The Kennedy Detail--Soon to be a Minor Motion Picture

When I read in the trades that my old friend Steve had gotten the gig to write the screenplay and direct the dramatic film version of The Kennedy Detail, ex-Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine's personal and supposedly factual account of the president's assassination in Dallas published in 2010, I promptly went out and got the book with the idea of reviewing it for its literary merits. I needn't have bothered....more

Feminists, Please Stop Trying To Make Me Renounce Feminism

I was nineteen the first time I decided that feminism was a load of crap. I was a co-president of NYU's Women in Film association, had nearly completed my minor in Women's Studies, was one of only nine women in my class at Tisch's prestigious Kanbar Institute for Film and TV, and I decided that the whole thing was kind of a giant crock that I wanted nothing to do with....more
Great post.  Expresses and articulates so much of what I haven't been able to put into words. ...more

Music Film Festival Blog Coverage in Philadelphia, PA

Personal side note: I had a great time at the XPN Music Film Festival despite my ongoing dispute ...more

The Pirates! A Band of Misfits

So, if you saw my Five on Friday from last week, you know that I was anticipating going to this film. One problem.  I thought it opened last week, but no. * sadness-pouting * But the day finally arrived, and got to see The Pirates! Band of Misfits Friday afternoon....more

Film Review: "Monsieur Lazhar" is a lesson in healing

"Monsieur Lazhar," is the fourth film by Canadian writer and director, Philippe Falardeau. It is based on a stage play written by Evelyne de la Cheneliere. The story takes place during a snowy winter in a public school in Montreal, Quebec where a class of sixth graders are coming to terms with their own grief from the unexpected loss of a much loved teacher....more

Commentary on documentary - Bully


the artist, film

Blog DirectoryReview: The Artist...more

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax: Why Such a Stereotyped View of Girls and Boys?

What about gender? Sadly, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax breaks no new ground. In the original story, the three principal characters -- the Lorax, the Once-ler, and the child who wants to hear the tale of Lorax -- are all male and they remain male in the film. (Some people have called Seuss sexist because of the lack of gender balance in his stories, but I assume the predominance of male characters was more a sign of the times in which Seuss lived than actual overt sexism.) It would have been nice if the filmmakers, realizing the lack of female lead characters in children’s films, had taken a risk, changed it up, and placed a female in the role of hero/protagonist....more
The Once-ler had a dad, he was the guy saying "I love this guy!" every once in a while.  But ...more

Movie Review: "Rampart" cruises with the demons of a dirty cop

It’s 1999 Los Angeles and Rodney King’s request for us all to just get along has come and gone as have the riots that followed. Most residents are eager to move on from this embarrassing time for the City of Angels while a precious few can not. Meet Dave Brown…Vietnam Vet and a battled scarred cop who has more fondness for his moniker, “Date Rape Dave,” than he does for his badge. A vigilante in the express lane on the Highway to Hell, Dave Brown hates all people equally yet is a master in the art of seduction that no woman can rebuff....more

Movie Review: "W.E." Madonna's latest film is a lipstick feminist fairytale

W.E. is the sophomoric directorial offering of pop icon, Madonna. The film interweaves true life details of the early 20th century love affair in Great Britain between the future King of England, Edward VIII and the American-born divorcée, Wallis Simpson, with a fictitious tale of a modern day trophy wife, Wally Winthrop, in New York City, who reclaims her own life, desires and needs. Written by Madonna and Alex Keshishian, her writing-partner-in-crime of the 1991 documentary, “Madonna: Truth or Dare,” W.E....more