Snowflower and the Secret Fan

I wanted to hate Snowflower and the Secret Fan. Really, I did. Lisa See, I owe you an apology. When I first heard that Lisa See’s bestselling novel Snowflower and the Secret Fan was going to be made into a major movie, I had no desire to watch it. After all, I have managed to avoid See’s series of historical novels, set in ancient China, with their misty titles and Shanghai poster girl cover art. I braced myself for tired old Asian stereotypes to be reinforced to a new generation....more

I seemed to be one of the few people who read the book and didn't like it. I'd probably enjoy ...more

Movie Review: A Feather in Her Hat (1935) starring Pauline Lord and Basil Rathbone

Cross-posted to imdb.comReview of A Feather in Her Hat (1935) starring Pauline Lord, Basil Rathbone...more

The Truth About the Michigan Film Incentives

Governor Snyder’s and the other politicians attack on the Michigan’s Film Incentive Program has already cost the state millions of dollars and uncountable number of jobs.They claim the incentive program drains money from the state, while giving very little back.  Not only do the independent studies prove this wrong, but so does common sense.  ...more

Duncan Hosie: Miss Representation internship

My name is Duncan Hosie (pictured far left). Currently I am a junior at San Francisco University High School, and for the past few months, I have had the privilege and opportunity to be part of the high school intern team for Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s Miss Representation. ...more

Let Me In - a vampire story that is really good

Here is my latest review  - Let Me In. This is not Twilight! It is better!! share!! Thanks!...more

Nathan Adloff: Moving Pictures

"True Grit" vs. "True Grit" -- Which Comes Out On Top? (Spoilers)

With the Oscars a couple of days away, I had the brilliant idea of comparing the classic 1969 John Wayne version of True Grit with last year's Oscar nominated version starring Jeff Bridges. The good, the bad, and the eye patches. Here are the results. ...more

Very interesting that you thought Mattie and LaBoeuf were closer.

Even though I disagree, I ...more

Motherly Advice {Racing and Waiting: Education Reform Movies}

Community Announcement...more

Global Citizens and the Chameleon Project

A few days ago I was contacted about the A.H. Dance Company- to take a look at what they were doing to promote and support independent contemporary artists and companies in New York and worldwide. At first I was a bit confused; I don’t know much about the performing arts beyond what I’ve seen in mainstream in performances and movies....more