Introducing Miss Representation

I'm still in shock over the recent November election. What was supposed to be another 'year of the woman' ended in a step backwards for women and for the U.S....more

This brings together so much of what I've been researching and writing about over the years. ...more

Blame my Grandmother for The King's Speech

Blame my Grandmother for The King's Speech? The King's Speech (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...more

Do smoking women look sexier?

Winona Ryder, Mira Sorvino, Julia Roberts and Uma Thurman smoke much more on the big screen than people do in real life, a study had claimed some time back, calling them dangerous role models for young women....more

20 Fall Movies for Teens 2010

September 1. Easy A (9/17) - A romantic comedy about a clean cut high school girl (Emma Stone), whose life becomes like Hester Prynne's in The Scarlet Letter after she lies about losing her virginity. She finally decides to use the rumors to help her social and financial standing. ...more

Digital vs. Film Photography

You would think this topic would be long gone, but film vs. digital still seems to spring up every now and again. I find this confusing People shout film sucks or digital trumps film everytime. But they seem to be missing the point. I see Photography as a form of expression. ...more

23 Summer Movies for Teens and Tweens 2010

Although summer doesn't technically begin until June, when it comes to summer movies, the season begins in May. Summer is the time for blockbuster films and movies aimed at kids and teens. Below are the movies that teens and/or tweens will most likely want to see this summer. ...more

"Blessed is the Match:" The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh on PBS

I'd never heard of Hannah Senesh before recently watching the documentary, Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh. After learning her story, I can't help but be reminded how ordinary individuals can do extraordinary things when prompted by extreme circumstances. ...more

Now I have to watch this...amazing.


coolest gift ever!!!

Since I was really involved in the school play this year I told my mom I wanted to move to Hollywood and work on movies. She told me I have to wait at least until I finish high school. I was totally bummed out but them she came up with this really great idea and for my birthday my mom bought me this really cool present.  ...more

"Avatar:" Simple Entertainment or Destructive Stereotypes?

Is director James Cameron's "Avatar" a visually stunning film that's not to be taken more seriously than an afternoon's entertainment at your local multiplex, or is it another in a long line of films illustrating Hollywood's racial insensitivity?Let me get back to that....more

I'll probably see "The Blind Side" before the Oscars so I'll let you know.  ...more

Have the Rich White Girls of Sex and the City Gotten Too Carried Away?

Have the girls of Sex and the City gotten “Carried Away” with the materialistic class-driven “rich white woman” world? ...more