"Blessed is the Match:" The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh on PBS

I'd never heard of Hannah Senesh before recently watching the documentary, Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh. After learning her story, I can't help but be reminded how ordinary individuals can do extraordinary things when prompted by extreme circumstances. ...more

Now I have to watch this...amazing.


coolest gift ever!!!

Since I was really involved in the school play this year I told my mom I wanted to move to Hollywood and work on movies. She told me I have to wait at least until I finish high school. I was totally bummed out but them she came up with this really great idea and for my birthday my mom bought me this really cool present.  ...more

"Avatar:" Simple Entertainment or Destructive Stereotypes?

Is director James Cameron's "Avatar" a visually stunning film that's not to be taken more seriously than an afternoon's entertainment at your local multiplex, or is it another in a long line of films illustrating Hollywood's racial insensitivity?Let me get back to that....more

I'll probably see "The Blind Side" before the Oscars so I'll let you know.  ...more

Have the Rich White Girls of Sex and the City Gotten Too Carried Away?

Have the girls of Sex and the City gotten “Carried Away” with the materialistic class-driven “rich white woman” world? ...more

Cheap, green, and easy: Watch funny eco-documentaries online -- free!

So you didn't see that well-reviewed green film in the theaters because you didn't want to fork over $12 for a ticket -- and didn't rent it either because you decided to spend the $4 on snacks and watch TV instead. Well, thanks to Hulu still being free and Netflix's "Play on computer" options, you can watch the great green documentaries you missed RIGHT NOW -- without spending a cent (assuming you're a Netflix member)! ...more

Oh, Joy!

'spent a happy afternoon with a few favourite friends today. Nothing elaborate. Coffee and sandwiches. Then a film - formulae, but sweet. Oh, it all started with browsing at a bookshop - sooo tempting, but I have friends who have lined up a lot of reading for me, so I left with nothing. OK, regret. I am trying to be sensible. The weather is pretty decent and the sun felt good, of course I had a few liters of sun block slathered all over....more

Hilary Swank with BeChicMag.com

BeChicMag.com and Hilary Swank ...more

Righteous Rumpus: Where the Wild Things Are is for Grown Ups

I was worried I wouldn't love Where the Wild Things Are, even though I trust the artistic skills of the director, Spike Jonze and the screenwriter, Dave Eggers. ...more

This book has so much history and tradition for me.  I was a bit depressed, disappointed ...more

"An Education" is a masterpiece

Every once in a while, there comes along an example of creativity that makes you wish you’d never praised one other thing, since so many of the words you might choose in exaltation have been made less by being applied elsewhere....more

The Age of Stupid premier: An eco everywhere event with Franny Armstrong, Thom Yorke

Eco-leaders always get this inevitable question at Q&As: What's one thing that I can do to combat climate change (or save the environment)? Ask eco-inspirational director Franny Armstrong, and you'll get perhaps the most inspiring -- and toughest -- answer of all: Examine your own life -- and maybe change it, big time, to do what makes a difference. ...more

to the one night event next Monday. I'm looking forward to it. I hope you will review it ...more