i like to watch: "District 9"

I went to a screening (thanks, Capone!) of District 9. It was amazing. I loved it. I feel like I say that a lot about movies that I see, but I really did. ...more

Where are the coming of age stories for women?

Where are the female coming of age stories?  Judd Apatow has another movie coming out, and its sure to be funny, and poignant and sucessful.  However, it begs the question, where are the female wunderkind directors who are creating narratives for women?  In literature, I can think of The Member of the Wedding, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Bell Jar.  There aren't many, but they are there. ...more

Kathryn Bigelow's War

by Laura Baudo Sillerman ...more

Five Films To Watch This Memorial Day Weekend

In honor of this Memorial Day I'm taking a look at a few of my favorite war movies -- though to be perfectly frank with you at the outset, I've really never been a big fan of the War & Military genre of film, generally speaking. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love nothing more than watching stuff blow up... provided it's a Romulan spacecraft or a Transformer or some other creature similarly othered into something inhuman. I like to keep my enjoyment of stuff blowing up far, far away from this tender and easily triggered little thing I have permanently installed in my skullcase called human empathy, which I find nearly impossible to turn off. And let's face it: however grand the pyrotechnics, recognizing one's own humanity in something blowing up is, well, kind of a killjoy. How can I ENJOY the explosions and blossoming fireballs if I have to FEEL things? BAH! Stupid feelings! ...more

SPR is so visceral, as you said...putting us in the frame. Richard II features one of my ...more

Something Wonderful Is Happening In Michigan

by Elizabeth Hemmerdinger ...more

The Best and Worst TV and Movie Moms (According To Me)

While it's certainly true that I may never be the best mom in the world (despite what a certain coffee mug I've been given might lead you believe), I'm fairly confident that I'm far from the worst. And why am I so confident, you ask? Well, because TV and movies told me so, of course! ...more

rad list. marge simpson all the way. ...more

Watching the Watchmen

I went to see Watchmen in all its IMAX glory last night - and as the cinema was rammed was forced to sit near the front, over the "rumblestrip" by the area set aside for wheelchairs....smuggled some pork scratchings in ...as attempting a low carb diet (it's killing me) and crunched my way through pig fat during the movie (not recommended). ...more

From Script to Screen and Everything in Between

Things get pretty surreal when you get close to a life goal. About eighteen months ago, I dusted off my screenwriting career.  Well, that actually implies that I previously had a screenwriting "career".  No.  I had a lot of scripts, some that had gotten a bit of attention, but none that had gone all the way.  While we aren't quite "all the way" now, but we are super-duper close on the script that is my "baby", Black Coffee.  ...more

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


To Meryl Streep, our Shining Star