Watching the Watchmen

I went to see Watchmen in all its IMAX glory last night - and as the cinema was rammed was forced to sit near the front, over the "rumblestrip" by the area set aside for wheelchairs....smuggled some pork scratchings in attempting a low carb diet (it's killing me) and crunched my way through pig fat during the movie (not recommended). ...more

From Script to Screen and Everything in Between

Things get pretty surreal when you get close to a life goal. About eighteen months ago, I dusted off my screenwriting career.  Well, that actually implies that I previously had a screenwriting "career".  No.  I had a lot of scripts, some that had gotten a bit of attention, but none that had gone all the way.  While we aren't quite "all the way" now, but we are super-duper close on the script that is my "baby", Black Coffee.  ...more

2009 Oscar Predictions: Who Will Win, Who Should Win

Who will win?  Who will lose?  Who will bore us to tears with the worst acceptance speech of the night?  All those questions and more will be answered this Sunday on Hollywood's biggest night.  That's right, it's the 81st annual Academy Awards. So in keeping with every other media pontificator out there, I'm here to give you my Oscar predictions for the major categories. var iamInit = function() {try{initIamServingHandler(234,340,632054,"")}catch(ex){}}() ...more

I'm excited!

Come join me on the Oscar Live Blog post on BlogHer's front page. ...more

Sean Penn is the man. Slumdog Millionaire is the film Hands down. Agree?

It’s Academy Awards time and I’m inviting you to come with me and share some of your own inner Siskel and Ebert. I've seen most of the contenders: Doubt, Slumdog Millionaire (swoon), The Wrestler, The Reader, Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon and most recently, Milk. I’m hoping to see Revolutionary Road before the awards show but the rest may just have to wait for my Netflix queue. ...more

Hi Kim,

I liked most of what the new producers did with the Oscar show last night.

You ...more

Slumdog Millionaire - reflecting the realities of Channel 19 community producers in India!

Ruchika writes: I am truly surprised at the film that is on everyone’s mind right now and the fact that it happened to be shot just 30 minutes away from my home in Mumbai, India. Slumdog Millionaire is an energetic film with an interesting storyline and was shot entirely in two locations that are close to where I live - the world’s largest slum, Dharavi, and in slum areas of Juhu. These locations are also near ...more

Adventures in Set Designing

Recently I’ve taken on the position of “Set Designer” for a little production of 5 short plays. In all honesty, this is the first time I’ve really done something like this. But, I figured with 5 years of conceptual architecture school and a year of practice under my belt I’d at least be able to help move furniture around. We’re about a month out from opening night and the last pieces of the design are starting to come together and the search for the stage pieces is on. ...more