Someplace Else-A Review

I'm lucky to have a venue to write of accomplishment in my aspiring career as a freelance writer/columnist. BlogHer has afforded all of us a wonderful spirit of connectedness for women who want to broaden their horizons in their lifestyle passions and purpose. So while I still have your attention, I'm going to tell you of a wonderful gift I'd been given by a remarkable filmmaker in Chicago, Illinois. ...more

Cinematic poetry (it can happen)

The other evening I had the distinct pleasure of encountering the delights of Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg. Since it’s been winging its way around the US festival circuit since April, I shall shunt my lyrical waxings elsewhere, and instead talk about something shiny and new, but nonetheless related.   ...more

If you have addiction/alcoholism in your world, or not, see this movie (Rachel Getting Married)

Rachel Getting Married is about a wedding. Big surprise. But, this wedding is such a close up of a dysfunctional family that it's sometimes hard to look at. Kym, the recovering addict character, is on leave from rehab to attend her sister's wedding and in her short visit home, stirs up a dizzying hornet's nest which includes lots of yelling, crying, humiliation and even some fisticuffs. ...more

In Search of Cinematic Spinsters and Unmarried Women

I never intended to be a Spinster. I thought that I would get married. I never for a second thought of myself in the image of an "Old Maid." Hair in a bun, sucked up cheeks and bifocals. I'm older and a wee bit wiser. I have removed the last of the illusions of finding Mr. Right or "the one and only." I have even moved pass finding a somebody to love. I accept that it may or may not happen. ...more

Thank you for this post.

I am 37 and single and no plans or prospects for a husband in ...more

New Film on Body Image is online for free

Hello. Just started blogging and thought I'd chime in. I'm a filmmaker producing a series of films on body image. Two of them are being distributed by New Day Films, and one called 34x25x36 is now available for free through the new Youtube Screening Room. Would love any feedback. And also wanted to reach out to educators who might be able to use the films in their classrooms. ...more

A little film that will make you laugh, laugh, and then cry (a little)

I've been a tad stressed the last couple of days. The splendor of a particular book campaign I've been working on has been a mixed blessing. On the author's side, a dream. You couldn't ask for a more generous, cooperative author to work with. Everything else...well let's just say, it's time to talk movies... ...more

TIFFin Around Time

What do you get at the House of Provocation. Toronto revealed! Through my eyes on the stars. On-screen or in front of me? No one knows yet. ...more

When Do You Feel Beautiful?

Last night I saw a powerful and disturbing film America the Beautiful and met its amazing filmmaker, Darryl Roberts. Thanks to The Emily Program Foundation for bringing him to Minneapolis. ...more

Definitely, Maybe a Definite to See

  Have you seen Definitely, Maybe? ...more