7 Tips for Being on Set

Yesterday my sister was cast in her first Austin Brock/Allen gig as an extra. Today she's on set. (Mum's the word on what they're shooting.) I'm so proud! I absolutely love the Austin film and acting scene and was rooted pretty deeply in it a few years ago. ...more

Do Nothing For Approval: A Letter to My Younger Self

This is a letter to a 26-year old girl who sat on a beach in Boca Raton, and faced for the first time that the path she was on was right for everyone around her except for the person who mattered most: herself. She looked into the Atlantic Ocean and thought, What do *I* want? And so began a journey from a called-off wedding in South Florida, to film school in Tallahassee, and finally to a creative life working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. ...more
I love your piece and can totally relate. Twenty-six was the magic number for me! I remember at ...more

Women Directors Make Unprecedented Showing at Sundance Film Festival

I always love seeing the trends that come out of Sundance. Because the festival takes place in January, it's an interesting peek into what's in store for the rest of the year, not only at other festivals, but also within the film industry.One of the cool things coming out of Sundance this year is the strong representation of women directors at the festival. For the first time, Sundance has an equal number of women as men directors with dramatic competition entries -- eight -- with more than a dozen other women directors in other sections of the festival....more

Careful Cuts, Timely Advice and Munchkins

It's always good for a couple to share interests and experiences. Now, I understand why there was so much swearing while Jon edited films....more

Take 2 Seconds to Make a Profile and Be Entered to Win a DVD

Hi friends! I am new here, and want to begin by introducing myself and my project, the feature film Tiny Dancer.  We are are making the film through  crowd-funding and you can help by spreading the word....more

Uh-oh. Like I said, I am new here:) How do I post this to Movies&TV?

Thanks ...more

From Script to Screen and Everything in Between

Things get pretty surreal when you get close to a life goal. About eighteen months ago, I dusted off my screenwriting career.  Well, that actually implies that I previously had a screenwriting "career".  No.  I had a lot of scripts, some that had gotten a bit of attention, but none that had gone all the way.  While we aren't quite "all the way" now, but we are super-duper close on the script that is my "baby", Black Coffee.  ...more

Kid Safe Website Found!

I’m not a mom myself, but I hope to be someday. In the meantime, I have info that some parents might find to be of interest. Many of my friends who are parents talk about the concerns they have with letting their kids use the internet. With shows like “To Catch a Predator” and 60 Minute specials about teen fights being videotaped and put on YouTube, who can blame them? The internet can be unsafe for young and old alike and filtering through the junk for many parents is a daunting task. ...more

Tinglings of the Next Project

“When a documentary filmmaker, working in the style that I do, suggests that there has been a shooting ratio of 40 hours to every one hour of finished film, that doesn't mean that the other 39 are bad.” --Ken Burns ...more