Movie Review: Argo (2012)

Written by: Chris TerrioDirected by: Ben AffleckRated: RRunning Time: 120 minCast:Ben Affleck as Tony MendezBryan Cranston as Jack O'DonnellJohn Goodman as John ChambersAlan Arkin as Lester SiegelVictor Garber as Ken TaylorClea Duvall as Cora LijekTate Donovan as Bob AndersKyle Chandler as Hamilton Jordan...more

Can Films Teach Positive Role Models To Kids?

How many times have you seen films where the protagonist is male? More than I can count on my fingers. How many female protagonists have been featured in films? Not enough. I was inspired to write about this topic after hearing a segment of TED Talks where the topic was "How Movies Teach Manhood". The speaker, Colin Stokes (previously stage & screen actor, currently Director of Communications for Citizen Schools) spoke about the inequity of role models for kids. ...more

What Films Do You Watch When....?

Here is my latest post on watching films. I ask you all the question.Tired of Previews? ...more

Lincoln Tops 2013 Golden Globe Nominations

This morning, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced their nominations for the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards. As usual, they did it bright and early -- 5 a.m. on the West Coast or a more respectable 8 a.m. on the East Coast. And they didn't take all day either, like the New York Film Critics Circle. We like the speedy nominations....more

Remembering the past with the 1980 film, FAME

There are just certain movies that will never leave you. They make permanent imprints somewhere in your subconscious. Years, perhaps decades, go by and you think you forget about them but deep down the feelings it evoked, the emotions it would change, and the freedom it allowed you to have for a few short hours resonate somewhere off in the distance....more

Oscar Movies That Would Have Been Better with Female Leads

The Academy Awards are on Sunday and while we’re all wondering if Viola Davis and The Help or George Clooney and The Descendants will take home big prizes, the approach of Oscar night got me to thinking about the need for more leading roles for women in big movies....more
You know, I actually thought about "Chariots of Fire" but didn't use it because I thought it ...more

Should You Accept Extra Work Movies?

Many people have asked me my thoughtson accepting extra work. I have heardthat in the L.A. market, if you want to getprincipal acting work, then actors shouldnot accept extra work. In that market, actorswill only be considered extras.  Aaron MarcusAmerica's Premier Acting and Commercial Modeling Career

Summer Preview 2011: Pirates, Hangovers and the Last of Harry Potter

Now that the snow has melted and the sun has returned, it's time to think about summer movies!  Big blockbusters, exciting sequels and best selling adaptations are all in the mix, so here's my take on some of the movies you can look for this summer:...more

I'm might actually pay for a ticket to see "Cars 2" even though I don't have any ...more

"King's Speech," Natalie Portman and Colin Firth Win Big At Oscars

The King's Speech dominated all the big Oscar awards including Best Picture, Best Actor (Colin Firth), Best Director (Tom Hooper) and Best Original Screenplay (David Seidler). Natalie Portman took home Best Actress for her role as a disturbed ballerina in Black Swan. Christian Bale and Melissa Leo won Best Supporting Actor and Actress for their work in The Fighter -- Bale for his role as a down-and-out trainer, and Leo for her portrayal of Bale's tough-talking mama....more

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A Review of Oscar Nominee "Winter's Bone"

Living in the backwoods of the Ozarks is no picnic in the best of circumstances -- but even worse when your Daddy’s skipped out on his bail and your house and land are at stake. That’s the pickle 17-year-old Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence) finds herself in. Daddy Jessup skipped out on a “crank cooking” charge and now Ree, her young brother, young sister and incapacitated mother are close to being thrown off their land and into the woods. ...more

I totally agree that Jennifer Lawrence made an impact with this film and served notice that she ...more