Best final ever: The Org Comm Amazing Race!

During my senior year of college, I took a class on creativity and communication. I vividly remember our final exam involving food and art (specifically, painting tiny totem poles). Since then, I've thought about tasty ways to end semesters with my students. Lately, that's meant potlucks....more

Tales of a super student

Every semester I do this to myself.I wait until the very last minute to get all my shit done. Then I rush around all stressed out trying to get it all done before the last day of class. Then at the end of the semester I am so stressed that my immune system is compromised and BAM!! I get sick.Never fails....more

It's Exam Time and That Means It's Cheating Season Again

Many moons ago, as I preparing for finals in college, I met a friend for a last minute cram session. I was pretty well prepared, but he said he needed help. He brought copies of what he explained were “last year’s test.” Using old exams was not uncommon practice in my classes. Professors even occasionally left hard copies in the library for review (there was no on-line then)....more

The high school I worked for used Turn It In for students before they turned in their papers. I ...more

Final Exams - Take A Study Break and Win Free Cookies

Many college students are studying for and taking final exams this week. To help ease the stresss I'm offering a holiday cookie giveaway on College Grad Lessons. ...more